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Avalanche survivors return from kanchangunga

Avalanche survivors return from kanchengunga

In Kanchenjunga region two mountaineers, one of whom survived the Wednesday’s avalanche at Mount Yalung Kang, have returned after they failed to locate the bodies of three team members who were killed in the incident. Among the survivors, Nga Tashi Sherpa of Sankhuwasabha and Indian national Rajeev Bhattacharjee, returned to Kathmandu on Saturday.

Meanwhile, a rescue team, that also included Sherpa, searched for the bodies using a sophisticated camera-fitted helicopter throughout Saturday, but to no avail. “We came back after our attempts  failed,” Sherpa said. The team, also comprising three Indian nationals, had searched for the bodies for the past five days. Temba Sherpa, 24, and Dawa Wanchu Sherpa, 28, of Tamku-5 in Sankhuwasabha and Indian national Chhanda Gayan, 35, were killed in the avalanche.