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How to avoid altitude sickness

Altitude sickness is not a big issue if you become smart before heading to high altitude. Small mistake can create altitude sickness which is enough to ruin your journey. Having few information about altitude sickness before heading towards high altitude is truly helpful which can make better your journey and you can be able to help some other person who got altitude. Below we are discussing about how to avoid altitude sickness.

  • Ascend slowly when you are above 3500M/11480ft around 300m/1000ft per day: When you are high above 3500m its always better to climb in a slow pace and we don’t have to hike more than 300m/1000ft. listen to your body don’t ignore if any symptoms persist.
  • Get rest: When you are hiking up in the high mountain above 3500m you should always have to conscious about taking rest and let the body get relaxed out of any anxiety, pain & suffocation. The important thing you should remember is do not walk with hurry pace even you are okay. Make your pace slow and steady take sufficient rest and relaxation.
  • Eat plenty and hygienic food: When you are up high in the mountain you should eat plenty of hygienic food which should be enough to fill your energy level high beside that you can have protein bar, chocolate, cashew nut & hot soup. Eating properly helps your body to keep high level of energy.
  • Test your blood, pulse & heart every 12 hours: To make sure all the body organs are working normally you should have to check your blood pressure, pulse rate, heart rate. These tests are pretty simple now days you can check these with your smart phones and also can use the device called Pulse Oximeter which is really helpful in measuring the volume of oxygen in the body.
  • Get your medication kit with sufficient medicine: Don’t forget to carry the first aid kit box filled with possible medicine and band aid with some antiseptic. For high altitude sickness Diamox, Acetazolamide, Dexamethasone is recommended. Get your medicine by the prescription from the authorized doctor or medical expert.
  • Drink plenty of water and fluid: During your journey up in the high altitude you should have to drink plenty of water as well as fluid which helps keep your body hydrated. Many people are still unknown about this fact that we lose more water from the body in high altitude and dry atmosphere. We should drink 2 liter of water during the day and in addition tea, coffee & soup are helpful.
  • Carry plenty of Clothing: Clothing is also always major factor when you go outdoors in the wood. Having sufficient clothes makes your journey memorable and in the other hand not having sufficient outfit can easily ruin your journey. It’s really painful when you have fever and illness and you don’t have sufficient outfit to wear which can enforce the situation into miserable incident.