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Bagmati Clean-up Campaign


Chief secretary Lila Mani Poudel bathed in the Bagmati River on Monday, keeping his earlier promises to do so on the New year’s day. He is also a head of Bagmati cleaning program. Poudel along with other government officials including Secretary at Prime Minister’s Office Krishna Hari Baskota, activities of Bagmati Clean-up Campaign and locals, who have been taking part in the campaign, started their Nepalese New year by taking holy dip in the river yesterday morning. Earlier, speaking at a programmer as part of the campaign, Poudel had claimed that the holy river would be fit for taking bath from the New Year 2071.

Talking to media persons after the bath, Poudel said a campaign will begin to make bathing possible in Manohara River by two months. Poudel also thanked everyone for assisting in the cleaning campaign.

The ‘ Bagmati River Clean-up’ campaign, under Chief Secretary Lila Mani Poudel , was initiated about 10 months ago and is being organised every Saturday. It has been learnt that around 900 tons of waste have been collected so far.