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Best treks in Nepal

Best treks in Nepal

Are you an adventure seeker and couldn’t find the best treks in Nepal? Then you are on the right page as we will be recommending the right treks you ever wanted. Firstly, let’s find out why Nepal is the chosen and best destinations around the world. Besides, if you know already, we assure you had them bucket-lists!

Nepal lies in the greater Himalayas making the country rich in natural resources. Here you will observe various species of flora & fauna followed by the finest medical herbs grown on this Himalayan land. Many great rivers and lakes are formed due to a melting of Himalayan glaciers. Hence, Nepal is world’s 2nd rich in water resources after Brazil. And not to forget the highest mountain on earth, Mt. Everest (8,848m) is situated here in Nepal.¬†Overall, there are eight top-10 mountains above 8,000m, while¬†the other numerous mountains are countless. And boom, no wonder Nepal is one of the best trekking destinations.

Trekking in Nepal has always been enthusiastic to the visitors. This is the land of diversity where you will find different ethnic groups, lifestyles, traditions on varying the trekking regions. The blooming of Rhododendron gives another marvelous attraction while trekking in spring (March, May, April). And also there are many snowy mountains you don’t wanna miss. Isn’t it fantastic to meet all these combinations at once during your trekking? With that said, stick with us for the best treks in Nepal and leave your worries at the bay.

Here are some best treks in Nepal as mention below

Everest Base Camp trek

Best treks in Nepal - Everest Base Camp

Fig: Everest Base Camp

Trip facts

  • 12 days journey
  • Everest and other famous mountains, monastery, Sherpa people and their cultures
  • 30min flight from Kathmandu
  • Trek start elevation: 2810m
  • Highest elevation: 5545m








Annapurna Base Camp trek

Best treks in Nepal - Annapurna Base Camp

Fig: Annapurna Base Camp

Trip facts

  • 10 days journey
  • Annapurna and other famous mountains, Hot spring, Gurung and Magar cultures
  • 7hrs drive to the trailhead from Kathmandu
  • Trek start elevation: 1110m
  • Highest elevation: 4130m







Langtang Trekking

Best treks in Nepal - Langtang trekking

Fig: Langtang trekking

Trip facts

  • 7 days journey
  • Langtang Lirung and other famous mountains, hot spring, Tamang people culture
  • 7hrs drive from Kathmandu to Trailhead
  • Trek start elevation: 1460m
  • Highest elevation: 4983m







Poon Hill trek

Best treks in Nepal - Poon Hill trek

Fig: Poon Hill

Trip facts

  • 5 days journey
  • Mt. Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Multi-ethnic group
  • Rhododendron forest
  • 7hrs drive from Kathmandu to a trailhead
  • Trek start elevation: 1070m
  • Highest elevation: 3210m







Sundarijal Namobudha trekking

Best treks in Nepal - Sundarijal Namobuddha trekking

Fig: Namobuddha monastery

Trip facts

  • 5 days journey
  • Langtang, Rolwaling, Ganesh Himal, Hill station, Namobuddha monastery
  • 1hrs drive from Kathmandu to Trailhead.
  • Trek start elevation: 1350m
  • Highest elevation: 1750m