Bhaktapur day sightseeing tour | Ancient Newar city in Kathmandu valley

Bhaktapur Day Sightseeing Tour

Day activities in Nepal-Bhaktapur day sightseeing tour

Bhaktapur day sightseeing tour is the third major town of Kathmandu valley. This is a traditional intact town with many narrow streets, temples, courtyards and monumental squares. This city still retains a medieval charm with many wonders of cultural and artistic achievements. The major worth seeing places to visit in this city are Durbar Square, Taumadhi Square, Dattatraya Square and Pottery Square.

Durbar Square: This is the royal palace area of ancient kings. It contains innumerable temples and architectural showpieces. The major attraction of this square is the palace of 55 windows, the golden gate, Batsala Devi: the temple of stone lion gate, the statue of King Bhupatindra Malla and the national art gallery.

Taumadhi Square: This is the second great square of Bhaktapur. Here you will find Nyatapola Temple, the highest temple in the valley. This temple has five stories and stands on five terraced platforms. On each of the terraces squat a pair of figures. Along with this temple, there is another picturesque temple called Bhairavnath temple.

Dattatreya Square: This square takes its name from the Dattraya temple. The square is famous for ornate monasteries known as Maths and Peacock windows. The national wood carving museum and brass and bronze museum are housed here.

Pottery Square: This square is often filled with hundreds of pots drying in the sun. Here you see the local potters making different clay products on wheels.

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