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Bhutan Land of Thunder Dragon and is a kingdom influenced by Buddhist religion. Bhutan is the basket of bio-diversity. Almost one third part of land area is covered by forests. Bhutan has different uniqueness in bio-diversity and hence is also called heaven in the earth.

People of Bhutan have their unique lifestyle. There is less or no impact of western culture, which makes us easy to experience the real culture of Bhutan. As Bhutan is one of the smallest countries in the world. Its richness in cultural diversity is very deep and interesting. People of Bhutan have guard the sovereignty of nation by conserving their culture and tradition.

People of Bhutan can be categorized into three main ethnic groups; they are Tshanglas, Ngalops, and the Lhotshampas. There are other many ethnic groups also but these three are major group in Bhutan. And the combination of these ethnic group help to maintain gross national happiness. People of Bhutan believe in Gross National Happiness rather than Gross National Product. Bhutan measures its progress in the form of happiness. Bhutan adopts four main pillars of gross national happiness. They are; Equitable and equal socio-economic development, preservation and promotion of cultural and spiritual heritage, conservation of environment and good governance which are interwoven, complementary, and consistent.

The climate in Bhutan is extremely varied. This variation in the climatic conditions and average temperature can be attributed to two main factors, the vast differences in altitude present in the country and the influence of the north Indian monsoons.

Besides these you can enjoy many activities in Bhutan with combine tour with Nepal Bhutan. You can do sight seen tour around monasteries, temples and tourist spot. You can enjoy bird watching and different jungle activities, you can enjoy with flora and fauna, and also you can do the trekking as there is famous trekking spot in Bhutan.

By maintaining all these Bhutan is able to satisfy more than five thousand visitors every year, and we wish you to be one of them. So let’s join with Himalayan Smile for your smiling tour in Bhutan.

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