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Nightlife in Nepal Kathmandu
By Nightlife in Nepal Kathmandu | 18 Oct, 2023

Nightlife in Nepal Kathmandu is one of the most unique tour package launched by Himalayan smile treks & adventure in order to facilitate party lover tourist who prefers hassle-free indulgence to music and dance. This trip starts after 20 o’clock in the night. You will be picked by a guide from Himalayan smile treks & adventure. First, we go to see live Nepali Dohori house which is quite interesting. Dohari singing is played between boys and girls group in a rhythmic way. You can see dancers dancing wearing traditional costume in front of singers where you can dance as well. After spending some time there we move to a discotheque where we can see two different compartments one for live games and another for music and dance. They play American pop songs, House music, Electro music, Nepali song, Spanish music, and Hindi song. These night clubs open until 6:00 am where you can enjoy all night. Your guide will leave you back to your hotel at the end of the trip.

Nightlife In Nepal Kathmandu Highlights

There are plenty of hip options for the late-night owls. We’ve shortlisted top 10 places that you should definitely visit to experience the sensational Kathmandu nightlife:

10 Places That Offer The Best Kathmandu Nightlife Experience

  1. Club Dejavu : Club Dejavu is one of the top ranking discotheque which is located at Daurbarmarga (Kings way).            This night club discotheque is one of the very sophisticated night life center from Kathmandu. Upon entrance  you get a privilege card  which you can use to pay for drinks and snacks. Nepalis top DJ performs here and internationally famous DJ also plays here occasionally.  It takes 10 minute to walk from Thamel towards east
  2. Fire club discotheque: Fire club discotheque is located in the central part of Thamel. This top ranking night club opens at 20:00 Pm to 06:00 Am. There is basically two different compartment in this night club one side is for live game watching and another is for music and dancing. Dance floor is located in the  the center of Dancing compartment. Entry fee is free for foreigner while Nepali should pay to enter this place.
  3. Thamel Street : Thamel Street is one of the vital place to explore Kathmandus nightlife. Thamel street is the one and only street in Kathmandu which never sleeps. Thamel street becomes busy after eight o’clock in the evening. There are shops, restaurant, bar, bakery cafe around Thamel street. One can enjoy strolling and walking around Thamel street in order to explore Thamls nightlife
  4. LOD club : LOD club literally known as Lord of drinks is located in Thamel. This newly open discotheque is one of the modern technology used latest night club. Wide space, cozy seat and delicious food are the main attribute of this place. This place opens 19:00  Pm and opens until 06:00 Am. Chance to meet with celebrity is high that this place is famous among celebrity community
  5. Gambeshi Dohori Sajha : Gambeshi Dohori Sajha is Dohari house which is located in the Sanchay Kosh street of Thamel in front of Himalayan Bank. Gambeshi Dohari Sajha which opens at 19:00 pm which opens 01:00 o’clock. If you like to explore  Nepali folk culture along with night life experience this place would be crucial. It is possible to dance on Nepali folk Dohari song 
  6. Casino Anna : Casino Anna is located inside the hotel De La Annapurna. If you love to add some gambling to your night life why not visiting casino Anna. Nepali nationals are strictly prohibited to enter casino so it remains quiet and peaceful must of the time. Food and drinks are served complementary so you can enjoy several Nepali cuisine free of cost.
  7. Ibiza Club : Ibiza Club is newly opened discotheque in the heart of Thamel. This night club is very popular among party people and night life enthusiast. Delicious food , Wide space, Cozy seat and friendly staff are the characteristics of this discotheque. This place get overcrowded on Friday and  Saturday while it remains quiet and less hectic on other days. It opens after 20:00 O’clock   onward all night.
  8. Sam’s Bar : Sam’s Bar is one of the side street bar located in Paknajhol road area. This bar is famous among peace loving people that this place offers multiple compartment for sitting. Uniquely decorated interior, painting makes the atmosphere very unique. This place opens at 16:00 pm and opens until 12:00 pm.
  9. Purple Haze : Purple Haze is one of the oldest live music rock bar centrally located in Thamel. This bar is perfect place who likes to explore night life of Kathmandu in relaxing way. Purple Haze rock bar is famous for live music. They plays Jazz, Blues and classic american and Nepali song. Friday and Saturday It becomes overcrowded.
  10. Tom and Jerry Pub : Tom and Jerry Pub is located in the central part of Thamel at the street called Chakshibari Marga. This pub is one of the ideal place for night life lover who is aiming to spend some good time drinking and eating. Your have the facility live game and pool can be played here. If you like to enjoy dancing after drinking it is also possible here. It opens 10:00 am in the morning and closes 23:59 in the night.
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