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Top 10 Nepali food you should not miss to try
By Top 10 Nepali food | 18 Oct, 2023

Nepal is a Himalayas country located between India and Tibet. Unimaginable diversity is its biggest treasure which is awe-inspiring. This rectangular shaped country is divided into three geographic regions they are mountain region, hilly region, and Low land region aka Terai region. From the perspective of the climatic zone, it has all climate tropical to arctic. This landlocked country has all kinds of landscapes you can imagine. Himalaya which is located on the upper part of the country spreading all the way east to west where you can find eight of the world tallest mountain out of fifteen which are above eight thousand meters. In terms of demography, it’s extravagantly lavish that 125 different ethnicities speak 120 different languages. While talking about Nepali food it’s very wide and many mouth-watering dishes come into mind. Nepali cuisine represents its diversity and the state of being the confluence of the two biggest civilizations Indian and Asian.

A complement of the visitor says Nepali food is some of the most delicious food eaten around the world. Many varieties of dishes are famous across the country which differs according to weather, geography, culture, and religion. Samosa, Chapati, Sel roti, Mal puwa are mainly famous in the hilly and Terai region whereas mountain regions staples are dumpling such as Momo, Thukpa, Shakpa, Stew, Butter tea. Meat is widely eaten across the country while being Hindu majority country Nepal prohibits beef. Below here we are discussing a highly popular Nepali dish.

Nepali food Dal Bhat

Nepali food Dal Bhat

Dal Bhat: Dal Bhat is a combination of few dishes which contain Rice, Lentil soup, vegetable curry, pickle, spinach, meat curry, Papad ( Thached chickpea ), salad, etc. This is the most famous dish across the country that it is eaten at least once a day by every single person. This dish is mostly eaten as a launch and dinner. The slightly similar dish you can find in India which is called Thali. This high-calorie dish is eaten until you are full that if you are in a restaurant eating Dal Bhat you get asked by a waiter multiple times whether you like to refill or not?

Momo: Momo is a kind of dumpling filled inside with vegetables, meat stuffed with salt, butter, and spices. This is the most famous dish across Nepal which is even more popular in cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, etc. Momo is mostly eaten as snacks but you can eat as launch, snacks, and dinner. Momo is served with homemade tomato sauce which enhances the flavor and gives the lively mouth-watering taste. Kathmandu is the biggest momo eater city in the world there you can find momo restaurant in every single street.

Thukpa: Thukpa is a dish made up of plain noodles which is boiled mixing with meat, egg, vegetable, corn flour, and some more seasoning. It tastes hot and sour which is widely eaten across Nepal mostly during winter and cold days. This dish is mostly famous in the mountain area like the Everest region, Annapurna region, Langtang region and Manaslu region. The good thing about this dish is it doesn’t full your stomach also makes you warm and refresh. It can be eaten as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks but make sure you can tolerate sour and spicy or tell them in advance so they can make it not spicy. Most of the Nepali restaurant in the hilly and mountain region serves this dish.
Samosa Tarkari: Samosa Tarkari is one of the favorite dishes of many Nepalese. It is widely eaten across the country mostly in the Terai and Hilly regions. Samosa is pyramid shaped pastry contains stuffed potato and peas inside which is wrapped by wheat dough and dip fried. Tarkari is a vegetable curry that contains potato, pea, chickpea, etc. we can eat these two dishes separately but eating together gives a complete taste of them. For this dish, you have to find a restaurant called Halwai restaurant or you can find it in tea, snacks restaurant.

Naan Tandori: Naan Tandori is another most popular dish in Nepal which is widely famous in India and another south Asian country as well. We can find this dish in the Tandori restaurant and some fancy. Naan Tandori is wheat bread baked in big clay pot oven heated by the coil. Naan Tandori can be eaten with vegetable curry, meat curry, and lentil soup and tomato sauce called Chatuni. This dish can be eaten as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. This dish can be found in the city and town areas in the hilly and Terai region in Nepal.

Chatpate : Chatpate is a snack made up of Puffed rice, green pea, chopped onion, ready to eat noodles, tomato are battered with lemon juice, spices, and artificial color. This snack is highly popular among youngsters. We can definitely call it Nepali MacDonald because it’s quick, reasonable, tasty and spicy. It can be eaten as snacks only, we don’t definitely suggest for lunch and dinner. This snack can be found in the hilly and Terai region whereas nowadays we can find this in the mountain region.

Dhido set: Dhido is a thick pudding made up of millet and barley which is highly popular across Nepal. This dish comes with vegetable soup, meat curry, pickle, etc. This dish is mostly famous in the Hilly and mountain regions. The good thing about this dish is its very filling so you have no chance of feeling hungry for several hours. You can find this dish in major cities and villages around the hilly and mountain regions. For this dish, you should find a Thakali restaurant which is widely found around the city.

Laphing : Laphing is a newly discovered dish which became very popular in the last few years. Ready to eat noodles mixed with stuffed seasoning which is rolled inside the baked dough served with sour and spicy soup. This is a cold dish so make sure you want them. Laphing can be eaten as a snack. Laphing can be found in a small restaurant called laphing center or laphing center. This snack is mainly found in a city like Kathmandu and Pokhara.
Sherpa stew: This dumpling dish is one of the popular cuisines of people from mountain region who are the descendants of Tibetan ancestors. This dumpling made up of wheat dough, potato, vegetable, meat, spices, and seasoning. It is truly a complete compact dish you can find in Nepal. This dish is mostly eaten in the mountain and hilly region towards east from Kathmandu. For this dish, you should find a Tibetan restaurant or small Sherpa restaurant often with name Sherpa on the name board.

Pani Puri: Pani Puri is one of the most popular snacks across Nepal. Mashed spicy potato and chickpea are put making a small hole into tiny puffed bread and later added with sour and spicy soup. This snack is very popular among youngsters. This snack can mostly available in the city of the Hilly and Terai region whereas it can be found in the mountain regions. These mouth-watering snacks can be eaten as a snack only. You can easily find the place for this snack that many Indian restaurants prepare this and it can be found in small stalls by the side of the road.

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