Cable Car in Nepal - Visit Manakamana

Cable car in Nepal

Cable car in Nepal

Cable car in Nepal takes you up to the abode of Manakamana, the Wish-Fulfilling Goddess, on what you could call a spiritual ride. Legend has it that Manakamana fulfills all wishes. This belief is so ingrained in the collective consciousness of the Nepalis that many make a trip to Manakamana every year without fail. Stories abound of people’s wishes coming true: lost sons returning home, lovers finding romance against all odds, people finding success in their business ventures, students excelling in their exams, separated husband and wife getting back together, and on and on. Even if you have no wishes to make (assuming that you have got it all, which means you have no need of Manakamana’s blessings) or even if you are an atheist or agnostic, this place offers you a unique look into Nepali people’s faith in Goddess Manakamana.

Also you could look at the river valleys and the Himalayas from here. Or just explore the hamlets downhill.

Situated atop a hill (1302 m) 12 km south of the historic town of Gorkha and 6 km north of Mugling, the Manakama temple overlooks terraced fields, and the Trisuli and Marsyangdi river valleys. The hilltop also offers a vantage point for taking in the breath-taking view of the Manaslu-Himanchuli and Annapurna massifs to the north.

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