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Developing a new trail from Manang to Lumbini on the occasion of Visit Lumbini Year-2012

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Focusing on the upcoming Visit Lumbini Year-2012 the neplease government is preparing to develop a new trekking trail linking Lumbini at the southern belt of Nepal Tarai with the Himalayan district of Manang and. The trail is being developed as a sub-trail of Great Himalayan Trail unveiled this year on the occasion of Nepal Tourism Year-2011.

The new trail named Bhanu-Peace Trekking Trail will start from Timang of Manang district and will culminate in Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha. The trail will cross through 6 districts and can be covered in 17 days.

The trail starting from Manang will pass through Lamjung, Tanahun, Syangja, Palpa and end in Rupandehi district, where Lumbini is located.

The trail is being developed under the aegis of Tourism Development Committee of the respective districts through which it will pass. The trail will be around 400 kilometer and will cross through historical, religious and tourism destinations of those areas.

The trail is being developed and expanded also in a bid to promote Visit Lumbini Year-2012.

Officials said they will mostly organize promotional trekking on the trail during the Visit Lumbini Year-2012 and open it for foreign tourists only after that. Trekkers can cover the trail from Damauli to Lumbini in 7 days and Timang to Ghale Gaun in 5 days. The Himalayan Smile Treks organize Nepal Buddhist package tour.

The trail has on its way spots like Ghale Gaun and Dura Danda of Lamjung, Tanahusur, Bandipur and Firfire (part of Millennium Trek) of Tanahun. Likewise, it will pass through Budakot, Bayarghari, Sirshekot, pilgrimage sites of Seti Beni and Mirmi of Syangja, Rani Mahal and Srinagar of Palpa, finally reaching Lumbini.

The new trail will provide a good trekking alternative to the visitors who cannot walk on very high altitude, but wish to get the feel of and enjoy trekking along different geographical terrain. It will also help bring in more tourists to Lumbini.