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Enjoy shopping in the heart of Kathmandu

Enjoy shopping in the heart of Kathmandu. It is a modern metropolitan city still retains its ancient heritage, culture and traditions, where you can be completely engrossed for a day or two with interesting and impressive market square in the heart of Kathmandu city.

Himalayan Smiles guides and staff will accompany you to the wonders of Kathmandu beside huge Shopping Mall and Departmental Stores it will be a change visiting the local market where you can observe daily Nepalese way of life in the busy square of Ason and Indra-Chowk located in the heart of Kathmandu city with heritage sites, temples and old monument.

The Ason market not too far from Thamel area just a mere walking distance of 15 minutes reaching the busy market place full of local people where you can watch the real Kathmandu life and its simplicity, the market with full of herbs, spices, vegetables to fresh meat shops and vendors selling at reasonable price than other places of Kathmandu, the spot with temple of Annapurna (Harvest Goddess) and Ganesh shrine.

Further walk leads towards Indrachowk an old market steeped in history with ancient temple of Bhairab around stores and vendors full of commodities that required by Nepali people for their daily life from blankets, clothes, kitchen utensils, bangles, beads, fruits, vegetable and etc……….

An interesting way to observe Kathmandu and Nepali part of daily life let our guide show you the hidden life of Kathmandu as it was for many past centuries.

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