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Everest Base Camp diet / food

Everest Base Camp diet food

Everest Base Camp diet/food. Are you thinking about Everest Base Camp diet? Or Curious what kinds of food would be served by the tea houses?

This blog will help you all travelers to ensure food information on Everest Base Camp trekking. First of all, everyone should be clear up, Everest is located in one of remotest places of Nepal, not access by land transportation. the food items and equipment must be carried by the mules, donkeys or via the plane supplies the food whole trekking areas. So that does not expect the food quality and food items too high like in star hotels in the urban city. However, We want to assure you that the food would be satisfying, tasty that you could have ever tasted before.

Breakfast in the Everest Base Camp

Generally, breakfast time in the Everest base Camp starts from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. Most of the tea houses offer many items of food including Chapati or Tibetan bread with Jam and honey- a simple breakfast which is good for boosting your energy while in the day trekking. Some offers Set Breakfast usually includes toast, potatoes, eggs, and option in tea or coffee.

Having porridge is also another breakfast for the trekkers – it is the locally based products used of wheat and oat flour, mixing ghee and sugar in the milk. Likewise, Hashed brown eggs, omelets, pancakes, muesli, cheese and juice from packs will also be available for breakfast.

 About Lunch in the trek of Everest Base Camp trek

During the trekking time, your guide helps a lot finding a good place in Tea house for lunch, Basically walking 2-3 hours after, trekkers would like having their Lunch. Lunching places provides various food items including sandwiches, Chaumin, Momo, soups, steaks, macaroni, and pizzas. As you climb gradually up, the price also rises up and the less choice there will be on the menu. You can also see some meat items on the menu, that all meat has to be flown into Lukla and then carried up to many tea houses, which can sometimes take days. Therefore you can eat meat in the trekking but keep in minds that are not fresh meats.

Dinner in Everest Base Camp trek

In the off seasons we will find the room very easily no need pre-booking but in the peak seasons (autumn and springs), hardly finds the rooms so that pre-reservation is ideal for the trekking. Dinner is provided by the local hotels and tea houses themselves with overnight stay facilities.
Dinner time is different as per the size of group and timetable of people. Generally, during the trekking, trekkers order their dinner from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm. You will be provided the same menu as you have provided for the lunch. Depending on your taste, order Momo. Pancakes, noodles, pasta, spaghetti etc. If you are high above the Pheriche, we recommend having some soup including garlic soup, potato soup, onion soup and drink plenty of waters help you to acclimatize in the Himalayas.

About Dalbhat: Lunch/ Dinner

Dal Bhat is like the national food of Nepal. Twice a day, as a Lunch and dinner, Nepalese prefer to have Dalbhat every day. So if you want to try Dhalbhat in Everest Base Camp, tea houses provide you delicious Dal Bhat in your lunch and dinner. Dalbhat consists of steamed rice and a lentil soup. The lentil soup is generally cooked with a mix of garlic, chili, ginger, onion, and turmeric, you will be served green Spinach, chilly Pickle, and Papad. The dish is popular among trekkers for the perfect nourishment.

Drinks / Beverage in Everest Base Camp

You will get all kinds of beverage in Everest trekking. Alcoholic beverage you may be used to drink in every day. But, while in the trekking in the high Himalayas we suggest you not to have alcoholic drinks. Instead, You can buy many soft drinks, energy drinks or many hot drinks like black tea, lemon tea, Milk tea etc..Ginger Tea is a very useful drink to prevent form Mountain Sickness.

If you want to drink normal hot water, you can ask for the tea houses they will provide you hot water just you need pay shorten charge for it. If your body doesn’t feel good with drinking boiled water, Drinking tap water without boiling we d.on’t recommend to any foreigner, Use some water purification tablets such as Aquatabs
There are some frequently asked questions about Everest Base Camp food which are :

1. Can we get the fresh good in Everest Base Camp trekking?

Do not expect high in the mountain region, all the foods carried by the lower villages so you will not get as fresh as you are having in your own home. Whatever you have available, do not forget to appreciate the services. You will get breakfast, lunch, and dinner as per the mentioned in the menu. For breakfast a: have eggs, toast, porridges or simple Nepali bread. For Lunch and Dinner: possible to have Momo, Chuamin, Spaghetti, noodles, Dalbhat etc. The majority of dishes in the tea houses actually being vegetarian. Although the variety of vegetables is not high class. Generally, Lentils and green veggies like spinach are used mostly in the Everest Base Camp trek

2. Is it possible to eat meat in the Everest Base camp trekking?
Sure it is possible to have Meat in Everest Base Camp trekking. Any tea houses offer Yak meat, Chicken and Buff meat in the menu. But, you have to know that the all the meat has to be flown into Lukla and then carried up by local people supplies many tea houses. In the upper side of Everest, religiously local people prohibited to kill any kinds of animals in the region which can take many days to supply meats in the tea houses and hotels.

3. Do tea houses provide the wide range of foods in the Menu?
Because of high altitude and its location, only a few crops grow up locally and most carried by mules and men themselves. Therefore, you won’t get a wide range of foods cosines. The food mostly made by the cereal and flour. These usually use for making pancakes, bread, porridge, dumplings, fries, rice, beans, pasta, etc. In Everest base camp trek route also Luxury lodge are available in Lukla, Phakding, Namche, and Syangboche.