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Everest Base Camp Trekking Access

everest base camp trekking access

Everest Base Camp trekking access has become way easier than before because of the access to the gateway by various means of transportation. There was a time when all the visitors and explorer has to go through Jiri which is now called Everest classic trail which was also used by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing to go Everest. We can imagine those days would be tough and adventurous but now the time has changed now we have several means of transportation to get access to Mt Everest region. We have few choices and alternatives for the access to get into Everest region.
Today we are going to talk about several ways of transportation that go to Everest region. With the revolutionary road construction now it is possible to drive into the District headquarter of Everest region Salleri and the road which was up to Jiri in the past has expanded and constructed up to Bhandara has minimized the days. If you prefer to walk less and explore the Everest region within the short duration of time also now possible. With a latest hi-tech advance helicopter, you can do all explore within a minimum amount of time. Now let’s talk about the several means of access that will help you organize your upcoming journey in Everest region.

01) Drive to Bhandara: This journey is one of the best ways to explore Everest region via Everest classic trail. The journey takes about 10-hour drive from Kathmandu via Jiri which offers stunning Himalayas view, beautiful settlement, gorgeous river and amazing terrain. The road is paved for most of part except Shivalaya-Bhandar section which is around 10 Km. The total distance from Kathmandu to Bhandar is 216 Km. it takes nearly 10 days walk to reach Everest base camp from this place.

02) Drive to Salleri: This drive is another best alternative to get to Everest region via mountain highway. This 8hrs journey offers the vast diversity of the Nepali terrain as the road traverse through tropical gorge highway and it reaches the freezing alpine region at Salleri. The total distance of this journey is 265 Km. It takes nearly 8 days walk to reach Everest base camp.

03) Fly to Lukla: This is the best means of transportation that will take you to Lukla the gateway town to Mt Everest. The journey starts from Kathmandu with the Himalayan scenic flight which takes about 25 min. It takes nearly 6 days walk to reach EBC.

04) By Helicopter: This is the best way to explore Everest base camp. If you don’t have enough time and would like to escape walking this would be the best alternative for you although it could be costly to hire a chopper which can fly over this altitude. The whole journey takes about several hours. If you like to stay and spend few days and explore Everest base camp by walking. the best place to land is at Namche 3460m because it’s one of the biggest towns in this region and there are the bunch of things to do around this village which helps getting acclimated.