Everest Base Camp Trekking Gear list | EBC Trek Packing list | Kit Advice

everest base camp trekking gear list

everest base camp trekking gear list

Everest base camp trekking gear list: Everest Base camp trek is one of the most explored places in Nepal and yet most desired to explore. This journey is known as the dream journey for many explorers around the world. To make your journey easier, better, convenient and stress free you should know few things before you leave for Everest Base Camp trek that is check list. The journey can be easily spoiled because of dull preparation. Today we are going to discuss about the things that you should not miss to include inside your backpack before you fly for EBC trek. Let’s discuss one by one about the things:-

Everest Base camp trekking gear list

1. Carry bag: During trekking the majority of your stuff goes to porter bag but for something that you would need during day you should carry those things with you. You need small light & comfortable bag for you day bag.

2. Snacks & Chocolates: you need to carry your own chocolates and snack for yourself. Some time it takes long hour to reach the destination or you might not be able to follow the pace of your friend on that scenario it’s better to have some chocolate and snacks.

3. Soap bar/ Washing Soda: Normally the teahouse provides laundry facility but in the higher province they don’t have laundry service facility thus it’s better to be independent for this small task.

4. Quick dry towel:
It’s necessary to have quick dry towel because most of the teahouse doesn’t have fresh towel for the customer. Super fiber towel are highly recommend as that takes short duration of time to get dry.

5. Small size toiletries: You should carry small size toiletries that it gets easy to organize and pack up after use.

6. Headlamp (flashlight):
You should not miss to carry head lamp as this is the most essential tool during trekking. The teahouse doesn’t have sufficient light or sometime you have to walk in the night for some photography

7. Water purifier:
Its eco and health friendly to purify water with purifier like tablet, sterile pen and portable filter. Bottle water is widely available in the teahouse but we suggest to follow the eco friendly practice.

8. Tissues / Toilet paper:
You should carry sufficient amount of tissues and toilet paper as the teahouse doesn’t provide these things but most of the shops sells these things in the mountain.

9. Light scarf:
You should not miss light scarf to carry some time it becomes very helpful to fasten around neck and hand or some time you can use it as dust mask ( In case of dusty and windy).

10. Woolen cap / Gloves / Scarf:
You must not miss these things as there is no alternate that you can use instead of these. It gets chilly cold in high province thus you must carry these articles.

11. Sun glass / Sun cap / Sun hat:
The sun in the Himalaya is stronger and contrast which comes with harmful ultraviolet rays. You should not forget to bring sun glass, sun cap.

12. Trekking Pole:
This is very important even you are physically fit and okay without using you need one at least it helps to control the livestock pass through same trail at the same time because sometime they can act crazy.

13. Comfortable warm clothes:
you need to carry genuine comfortable warm clothes for your journey because you going to traverse through several different terrain and weather condition.

14. Thick socks:
Thick cotton sock are very important that it minimizes the risk of blister and swelling. You must carry at least half dozen pair of shocks for you trekking.

15. Waterproof jacket/ Rain coat:
you should not forget to carry waterproof jacket or raincoat as sometime it would rain quickly which can be out of forecast. On a cloudy day you are recommend to carry the Waterproof jacket and raincoat with you.

16. Super fiber shirt:
You are recommended to carry quick dry shirt because we get lot of sweating during the day thus it should be dried before using next time.

17. Thermal innerwear:
you should not forget to bring thermal long sleeve and trouser because it’s so good to protect the body during night when it’s freezing cold outside.

18. Trekking boot:
The shoes are always the major necessary things for trekking. You should bring one size bigger shoe because the feet needs to expand while climbing up down and you should use that at least one month before the trek that helps to avoid some serious blister. An extra pair of light shoe and sneaker adds some more comfort.

19. Sleeping bag:
You should carry thermal sleeping bag which can work up to (-) 30. You get one blanket from tea house which is not enough to tolerate the freezing cold.

20. First aid kit:
The most important things to carry whey you doing an outdoor is First aid kit. Get you own first aid kit and some medicine for Diarrhea, stomach pain, altitude sickness. Check twice your first aid kit box before leaving Kathmandu.  For base camp everest trek in Kongde  and Pheruche also has a high altitude hospital and every day they have briefing about high altitude sickness and prevention.