Family religious tour to Pathivara temple Taplejung : Himalayan Smile Trek

Family religious tour to Pathivara temple Taplejung

Taplejing to pathibhara views

Pathivara temple, a temple of goddess Pathivara is situated in top eastern part of Nepal. Temple lies in Taplejung district at the elevation of 3750 meters.

With lots of enthusiasm and excitement we started our journey by local night bus. As we were in middle of great Hindu festival Vijaya Dashami, first of all we went to our relative’s home in Sunsari district Terai region of Nepal. The Pathivari temple is recognizing one of the impotent place for Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage tour in Nepal. We met with our relatives, share all the happiness and sorrows and we did lots of enjoyment with them. As we were very tired due to all night travel in night bus we took rest for a day there in relatives home.

Religious tour in Pathvara

The following day we started journey from Sunsari to Jhapa, Birtamod. After one and half hours drive in local bus we reached to Birtamod Bus Park. Small rain was disturbing us but also we continuously started our tour. We waited jeep for long time there in Bus Park which could assist our tour. Finally jeep came after 3 hours and we took the same jeep from Bus Park to Illam. Weather was very challenging on that day due to light rain and huge fog. Driver was unable to see the road due to very low visibility, but also we continued our journey. According to local traveler if the weather was clear we could see very best scene on the way, unfortunately we lacks that on the first day but on the returning day we were able to see very best part of eastern Nepal. That scene forced us to say ‘WOW’. After a drive of 4 hours we were able to reach in Illam. Illam is famous for tea garden of Nepal. We visited there local market, some beautiful spots and did some shopping, we spent our night in Illam. We found people of Illam very friendly helpful and cooperative.


View form Pathivara

Next day, early in the morning, after tea, we were ready to go Taplejung district from Illam. This day there was no any problem for vehicle as we had already booked the jeep on previous day. This day weather was also very clear. On the way we could able to see very beautiful scene, high mountains, rivers, snake moving roads. With singing, talking, cracking jokes we reached to Taplejung district after the drive of 7 hours.

After reaching in Taplejung we changed another vehicle which could take us to the nearest point of our destination. That vehicle took 2 hours time to come there. During that time we managed ourselves being busy. We took lunch we snapped photographs, we interact with local people and we collected the experience of life style of people living in hilly region. After 2 hours, jeep came and we started our further journey to Chhate Dhunga (Umbrella Stone). The road was very muddy and very difficult. Our jeep was also stacked there in muddy road but with the assistance of us passengers make easy to get out from the problem. After the 3 hours drive of such difficult road we reached to Chhate Dhunga (Umbrella Stone).

Taplejing to pathibhara views


As soon as we get off from jeep, we started our trekking in slippery and ascend route, dropping fogs. As the day was getting dark we have to reach to Thulo Phedi on time. We were able to reach at Thulo Phedi after 2 hours walk from jeep stand. It was already almost dark and we were almost wet by thick fogs. On that day we took lunch and spent that night in the same hotel.

Following day, after having bath early in the morning in cold atmosphere, we started our walking journey in ascend road to Pathivara Temple. It took approximately 1.5 hours to reach in temple. From the top of the mountain we could see the sunrise Kanchenjunga mountain and other high Himalayan ranges and can feel the sweet taste of atmosphere.

The tour was amazing experience of my life. I was able to find all the materials in tour. I got the chance to explore the ideas of people living in remote areas. I could feel the homely environment by behave of people from that area. Their trusts upon new people, their hospitality are the plus point of them.

On the returning day the weather was very clear so that we were able to see all the breath taking natural beauty of Eastern Nepal. High hills, difficult roads in hilly region, people’s hospitality, and talking style are the amazing things we could find in that area.

Also they have their local product like Churpi and sweets made up of milk. Chillies, tea leaves, cardamom are main products of the eastern Nepal.

The only problem in that area is load shedding. So I suggest every visitor to carry torch light, extra Mobile battery or power bank with you.

During this tour, I never miss my home and we were able to visit the entire district of Mechi zone i.e. Jhapa, Illam, Panchthar and Taplejung. I could say this was my best trip of my life yet.