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Shangri-La Village Resort

The Shangri-La Village nestles in the tranquil heart of Pokhara. The great getaway of Nepal – Beneath a towering rampart of majestic show peaks. Every room offers a spectacular view. Architecture inspired by the forms and textures of Village Nepal, charming gardens, reflecting pools that mirror that splendor of the Himalaya, a swimming pool that uses also a waterfall…. These are some of the wonderful surprises that the Shangri-La Village has in store for its guests. In total the shangri~La Village Resort has 61 standards rooms, all of which are more or less identical in their boarding capacity and general layout and décor. The resort is now 19 years old and in some places showing its age, but for the most part, seems to be holding up- though not ageing all that gracefully, given the fact it is under-utilized in the so-far unsteady tourism market. The Shangri-La Village Pokhara is your ideal accommodation in Pokhara… fabulous mountain views, spacious hotel rooms… stay in the very heart of all that is Pokhara. Capturing the casual but stylish lifestyle of Pokhara, subtle and silent service and impeccable attention to detail awaits you on your Pokhara holiday or business trip… our exceptional Shangri-La Village Pokhara offers you a haven for relaxation where colonial charm meets tropical elegance.