HR Policies and Procedures of Himalayan Smile Treks

HR Policies and Procedures

This handbook is intended to provide with a general understanding of our basic Human resource policies. You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with our policies, as they will answer many questions concerning your employment with us. Himalayan smile HR Policies cannot anticipate every situation or answer every question about employment. They are an employment contract and are not intended to create contractual obligations of any kind. Neither the employee nor the company is bound to continue the employment relationship if either chooses, as its will, to end the relationship at any time.

In order to retain necessary flexibility in the administration of policies and procedures, the company reserves the right to change, revise, or eliminate any of the policies and/or benefits described in this handbook at any time.

Company Overview

Himalayan Smile Treks and Adventures Pvt. Ltd. is a locally owned and managed trekking company established by a team of professionals who have long years of experience in travel, trekking, tour and adventure activities in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. We offer complete travel services to our clients including trekking, tours, peak climbing, expeditions, vehicle hiring, hotel booking, rafting, and flight booking. As per the demand of our guests, we also organize various special interest tours like bird watching, golfing, spiritual tours, village tours, arrangements for yoga and meditation classes, offering various volunteering services like teaching English to Nepalese children, working in an orphanage, cultural exchange programs and similar extra programs.

We are also specialize in adventure sports, we offer bungee jumping, paragliding, Altar light flight, canoeing and mountain biking for sports lovers. Our travel programs are carefully designed after much research in the field. Our extensive relation with most hotels from deluxe to standard category, transport companies, flight carriers, government offices and tourism institutions make your vacation smooth, safe , and hassle free. Our guides and trek/tour leaders are selected for their personality and experience in adventure travel. They have the ability to provide any support for your travel. They are well trained and skilled to cope with any emergency situations including those requiring helicopter evacuation and hospitalization. We believe our prestige lies on our valued clients’ satisfaction. To ensure we have focused on personalized services to all customers to cater to their every travel need.
Company located at seven Corner Road (Saath Ghumti Marga), Thamel Kathmandu and owned by Mr. K.P. Subedi, have more than 15 year of experience in tourism in Nepal. He is simply expert in Trekking and tour arrangement and management. He is passionate about grate Himalayas and nature. He aim t dedicate all time on their promotion and preservation. He was founded this company on 2008 based in Kathmandu Nepal.

Probationary Period

The probationary period is intended to give new employees the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to achieve a satisfactory level of performance and to determine whether the new position meets their performance. The company uses this period to evaluate employee capabilities, work habits and overall performance. Either the employee or the company may end the employment relationship at will at any time during probationary period, with or without cause or advance notice.

New employees work on a probationary basis of the first 90 calendar days after their date of hire. Any significant absence will automatically extend a probationary period by the length of the absence. If the company determines that the designated probationary period does not allow sufficient time to thoroughly evaluate the employee’s performance, the probationary period may be extended for a specified period.

Performance Evaluations and Compensation

Performance evaluations are conducted at the end of an employee’s probationary period, to discuss job responsibilities, standards, and performance requirements. Additional formal performance reviews are conducted to provide both the company and employees the opportunity to discuss job tasks, identify and correct performance deficiencies, encourage and recognize strengths, and discuss positive, purposeful approaches for meeting goals.
The performance of all employees is generally evaluated according to an ongoing 12-month cycle.

Merit-based pay adjustments may be given to recognize truly superior performance and shall be at the sole discretion of the company.


Employees who have passed their probationary period are provided the following benefits. A number of the programs (such as Social security, workers compensation, employment provident fund and employment insurance) cover all employees in the manner.


Company will proved Saturday day off, and off course public holiday (government holiday) provided by government of Nepal. This includes all festival holiday and other official holiday.

Accept the public holiday member will also receive sick leave. Sick time-off may be either paid or unpaid and will be granted solely at the discretion of the company. Sick leave is not automatic and will be granted only when absences are due to personal, legitimate illness or injury. Sick leave cannot be used for work related injuries–those are handled under Workers’ Compensation state laws.

If an employee is absent for three or more consecutive days due to illness or injury, a physician’s statement may be requested verifying the disability and its beginning and expected ending dates. Such verification may be requested for other sick leave absences as well and may be required as a condition to receiving sick leave benefits.


Vacation time-off with pay is available to employees to provide opportunities for rest, relaxation, and personal pursuits. The amount will not give in name of vacation expenses but no salary will deduct in this period. Employee will get salary amount while in their vacation time. And the period will be 15 to 25 day in an each calendar year.


Since employment with the company is based on mutual consent, both the employee and the company have the right to terminate employment at will, with or without cause, at any time. Employees will receive their final pay in accordance with applicable state law. So each and every employee must follow the rule of disciplinary and misconduct.

Termination action will be taken under the company Disciplinary rule and procedure for conduct Here all example and procedure are explained with action taken on particular misconduct as well.

Use of Company Computers/Property

It is each employee’s responsibility to safeguard proprietary company information. Never give your User ID or Password to anyone. Employees are expected to exit and log off all systems at the end of every business day or when a workstation is left unattended for an extended period of time.
It is forbidden to copy or install any illegal software onto company computers.

The company provides access to Electronic Mail and the Internet as business tools. These facilities represent considerable commitment of company resources for telecommunications, networking, software, storage, etc. The company policies apply to your conduct when sending and receiving electronic mail and accessing websites through the Internet. The display of any kind of sexually explicit image or document on any company system is a violation of our policy on sexual harassment. In addition, sexually explicit material may not be archived, stored, or distributed using company-owned computing resources. If you receive an inappropriate electronic mail, you should delete it immediately and notify the sender of our policy.

Telephones – The telephone system records telephone numbers dialed from each telephone, and the system allows the company to access voicemail messages received by employees.

The company reserves the right to retrieve, monitor, or review any information in its electronic or communications systems, including deleted messages or files as allowed by federal and state laws. If the company reasonably believe that employee(s) is/are engaged in illegal activity or misconduct, the company may use special monitoring to produce evidence of that activity, without prior notice to the employee(s).


The protection of confidential business information and trade secrets is vital to the interests and the success of the company. Such confidential information includes, but is not limited to, the following examples:

Customer lists

  • Marketing strategies
  • Financial information
  • New materials research
  • Research and development strategies
  • Proprietary product processes
  • Technological data

Technological prototypes

Employees who are exposed to confidential information may be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement as a condition of employment. Any employee who discloses trade secrets or confidential business information will be subject to disciplinary action, even if he or she does not actually benefit from the disclosed information.

Hire Employee

In case of hired employees, company will study overall personality of the employee and hire the staff. Benefits will be as per condition followed by government of Nepal. Especially payment will be provided on the basis of working day.
Confidentiality Agreement

_____________ agrees to keep secret and retain in the strictest confidence all confidential matters which relate to the Company, including, without limitation, customer lists, client lists, trade secrets, pricing policies and other business affairs of the Company learned by him or her from the Company and to not disclose any such confidential matter to anyone outside the Company, whether during or after his or her period of employment with the Company, except as may be required in the course of a legal or governmental proceeding. Upon request by the Company, ______________ agrees to deliver promptly to the Company upon termination of his or her employment with the Company, or at any time thereafter as the Company may request, all Company memoranda, notes, records, reports, manuals, drawings, designs, computer files in any media and other documents (and all copies thereof) relating to the Company’s business and all property of the Company, which he or she may then possess or have under his or her control.

Signed and agreed to this ____________ day of ________________, 20__.
BY: ___________(Employee Name)_______________________________
Non-Compete Agreement

______________ agrees that at no time during his or her employment nor for a period of 90 days immediately following the termination of his or her employment will ______________ for himself or herself or on behalf of any other person, partnership, company or corporation, directly or indirectly, provide consulting or other services to, be employed by, or own, manage, operate or control any entity engaged in a business similar to the business engaged in by the Company at the time of such termination of employment.

______________ agrees that, at all times during his or her employment and for a period of 90 days immediately following the termination thereof, he/she will not directly or indirectly employ or seek to employ any person or entity employed at that time by the Company, or otherwise encourage or entice such person or entity to leave such employment.

Signed and agreed to this ____________ day of ________________, 20__.
BY: ____________(employee Name)______________________________