Janakpur Nepal : Mithila Sita Mandir | Janakpuri birthplace of Sita

Janakpur Nepal

Janakpur Nepal  is centre for religious and cultural tourism which is located 128 km south-east of Kathmandu. The city was founded in 18th century, known as Janakpurdham and the earlier city to be existed in the area.

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  • Places to visit: Janaki Tempale ,Mithila Sita Mandir, Janakpuri birthplace of Sita
Janakpur Nepal

Janakpur Nepal is center for religious and cultural tourism which is located 128 km south-east of Kathmandu. The city was founded in 18th century, known as Janakpurdham and the earlier city to have existed in the area. Janakpur is the capital of ancient Mithila culture and is renowned as the birthplace of Sita, the wife of Lord Rama. Janakpur Nepal is also on the holy route of Parikrama carried out by Hindus as a form of worship in Ayodhya, Kashi, and Brij in India as well. At present day, Janakpur is one of the fast developing cities making it the fifth Sub-Metropolitan city of Nepal. The neighboring people usually migrants to Janakpur for medical care, education, and jobs. The economy is mostly based on tourism, agriculture, and industries. It takes Kathmandu to Janakpur 11 hours by bus and 25 minutes by air.

Janakpur Nepal is located in Terai where the climate is humid subtropical. In most part of the city, the vehicle is banned and there is essentially no traffic. There is tourist office, ATM vendor, Cafeteria, etc for your secondary purpose. The major attraction here is Janaki Mandir (Temple), dedicates to Sita who is also known as Janaki. It is massive marble temple in the center of town, where Janaki Temple Historical Museum also presented inside. Everyone can enter the temple including non-Hindu. The deities in the temple are Sita, Rama and Rama’s brothers Lakshmana, Bharata, and Satrughna. As per the great Hindu epic Ramayan, Lord Ram and Sita met in Janakpur and were married in Bibhaha Mandapa. This temple honors the wedding of Ram and Sita lies next to the Janaki Mandir.

Janakpur Nepal has another important religious site; Dhanushadham. Its reference again dating back to the Ramayan era. It is believed to be the place where the broken remains of the divine Shiva bow fell after Ram broke it to obtain Sita’s hand in marriage. A fossilized fragment of the broken piece is still believed to present here. Dhanusha offers religious sightseeing, lush surroundings of trees and groves, the semi-rural charm of the Terai suburbs and the colorful Maithili art and culture. Since Ram and Sita are major figures in Hinduism, Janakpur is an important Hindu pilgrimage site for Hindus all over the world.

Janakpur  Nepal has a majority of Hindu deities where festivals are highly followed. In Ram Navami, prayer worships inside the Ram Mandir chanting mantras of Lord Ram. This day is celebrated as the birthday of Ram and is one of the holiest Hindu occasions. Another important festival is Vivah Pancham. On this day, the idol of Ram and Sita are charmingly adorned as bridegroom and bride and held in the temple, stage shows, and cultural programs. People from various regions of the country come here to celebrate. Some common Hindu festivals celebrated in Janakpur are Holi, Durga Puja, Deepawali, Chhath Puja, etc.

Highlights of Janakpur Nepal

  • Janaki Mandir – Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Sita.
  • Bhibhaha Mandapa – Ram and Sita marriage place.
  • Sankat Mochan Temple – the big monkey temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman.
  • Dhanusha Dham, the place where Rama is said to have strung Siva’s bow
  • Holy ponds, rivers – Dhanush Sagar, Ganga Sagar, Ram Sagar, Vihar Kund, Ganga Arati and many others.
  • Mithila art and culture
  • Kurtis heritage

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