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Khumbu Valley Trekking

Khumbu valley trekking is the home land of much traditional Sherpa culture including world highest mountain mount Everest. Every field is surrounded by a meter high stone wall providing vistas on all sides.

  • Trip Fact - 15 days
  • Trip Price:
  • Trip Code: HST-ET-16
  • Trek Start/End: Lukla
  • Grade: Moderate/Difficult
  • Trek start Elevation: 2810m/9216ft
  • Highest Elevation: 5,550 m / 18,209 ft.
  • Group Size: Minimum 2 People
  • Best time: October, November, December, February, March, April
  • Mode of Trek: Teahouse
Khumbu valley trekking

Khumbu valley trekking is the homeland of much traditional Sherpa culture including world highest mountain Mount Everest. Every field is surrounded by a meter high stone wall providing vistas on all sides. Every single roof is green with a concept of establishing a green valley except for the roof of the Gompa, school, and hospital.

Khumbu valley in 1975 mount Everest and the below it was designated as Sagarmatha National Park in recognition of the region’s unique and globally significant cultural and natural attributes. The Park protects high mountain ecosystems plants and wildlife from the valley bottom at 8500 ft to the icy summits of most of the highest mountains in the world at over 28000 ft. The Sagarmatha National Park is considered by too many because the study of historical and contemporary landscape changes most of it negative in the high Himalayas. It was assumed that the major change from forest to grassland was done by the ancestors of the Sherpa’s during their 400 years of settlement population growth and pasture expansions.

The green valleys of Khumbu the summer monsoon last from June to September during this quiet but productive season people carry out their chores of herding and farming. Farming isn’t easy on these mountains but all including businessmen own plots of land on which they grow potatoes buckwheat or barley to feed their families. Most fields for cultivating food crops are at relatively lower elevations of about 3300 m near the main Sherpa village during the cool winter herds of yaks are grazed on nearby hillsides when the summer comes the yaks are taken up to the high valley where the rains have to change the dry mountainsides to rich green pastures.

Khumbu valley trekking can observe the main festival of Dumje celebrate in each village at the beginning of the monsoon in late June or early July Dumje began as a way to unite the newly settled village after the Sherpa’s arrived in Khumbu. Each year eight households in a village have a turn which comes about every sixteen years to sponsor the festival though this huge financial obligation may cause less affluent families to borrow substantial sums of money from lenders as most families see Dumje sponsorship as a worthy community involvement. The  Khumbu valley Everest base camp trekking people want to try once in a lifetime, organized by Himalayan Smile Treks. Khumbu valley trekking is the top of the world, Everest is most exhilarating and adventurous trail in the world.

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