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Lumbini Tour

Lumbini tour can explore, the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha is one of the major Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal. Gautam Buddha was a sage and ascetic who founded the teaching of Buddhism.

  • Trip Fact
  • Tour Price: 690.00
  • Tour Code: HST-NTL-22
  • Duration: 3 Night / 4 days
  • Season: Year Around
  • Age Group: All
  • Places to visit: Kathmandu valley sightseeing (Swayambhunath, Boudhanath, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Tilaurakot, Lumbini Sightseeing.
Lumbini tour

Lumbini tour can explore, the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha is one of the major Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal. Gautam Buddha was a sage and ascetic who founded the teaching of Buddhism. He was also known as Siddhartha Gautam, Shakyamuni Buddha or simply the Buddha. While going back to history, Kapilvastu was the place where Queen Mayadevi gave birth to Siddhartha Gautam in 563 BCE. His father was King Suddhodana, the leader of Shakya clan whose capital was Kapilvastu. This is the place where Siddhartha spent his first 29 years and traveled to other places that achieved enlightenment around 528 BCE.

Lumbini tour organized by Himalayan Smile Treks according to your interest. The tour commences half an hour scenic flight to Lumbini. It was made World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997 AD. It has vast existence to observe the life of the Buddha. This includes Mayadevi Temple, Ashoka pillar, Sal tree, sacred pond and 62 archaeological sites scattered. Lumbini encompasses three zones each covering one square mile connected by walkways and canal. The Lumbini Buddhist circuit goes through Tilaurakot, Kudan, Niglihawa, Gotihawa, Sagarhawa, Aurorakot, Devdaha and Ramagrama, all bearing significance to the life, enlightenment, and death of Buddha.

Lumbini tour offers many other monasteries, monuments, museum, the Lumbini International Research Institute out of which several International architectures are still under construction. The Lumbini tour you can explore all by rickshaw or bike few miles to the north passing by the garden. There is also a survey by boat which leads you to the World Peace Pagoda. Other than that, you can walk through the village surroundings and meet the hospitable people, buying their handicraft products and observing their traditional rituals.

General Information about the Lumbini tour

Lumbini is located in the western-Terai region and is 259 km/160 miles away from Kathmandu. The climate is subtropical and summer temperature may rise as high as 40°C whereas winter temperature ranges from 7°C to 23°C. The entrance fee for foreigners is Rs.50 for each Mayadevi temple complex and Lumbini museum. Most of the hotels provide vehicle service, cultural programs and village bicycling on request. Overall, Lumbini has thousands of visitors from different countries of the world. In Buddha Jayanti, people from various regions of Nepal and India visit the Lumbini to celebrate his birth.

How to access Lumbini Tour

By Domestic Air

Flying to Lumbini is the easiest and fastest access which is time-consuming. You will fly from Kathmandu to Bhairahawa airport that takes 40-minute scenic flight. Then you will drive 30 minutes to Lumbini, check-in the hotel and begin the Lumbini tour.

By Bus

While driving through bus can take 8 hours to reach Lumbini from Kathmandu. This access offers a budget Lumbini tour and for those who love a long journey. However, the itinerary is same as above domestic air but takes overall 5 days. After visiting Lumbini as a whole, you will drive to Chitwan, walk around the village and overnight in Chitwan hotel. At the very last day, you will drive to Kathmandu which takes 7hours from Chitwan and your Lumbini tour ends.

Lumbini Tour Itinerary

After breakfast in Hotel, a car will pick you up and depart to Kathmandu airport. Have a 30minutes scenic flight to Bhairawa airport and again drive 30min to Lumbini. In day first, you will visit Mayadevi temple and sacred places inside the garden. At the evening, wander outside the local surroundings. Overnight stay in Lumbini Hotel.

You will be exploring Monastic zones that contain International monasteries built by Myanmar, Sri-Lanka, Japan, China, India, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, and Germany. At the northern of Masterplan has the garden with World Peace Stupa as well as amenities for your secondary needs. Overnight stay in Lumbini Hotel

Drive 50 minutes to Tilaurakot which is 27km away. Therein ancient places, you will explore evidence of a life spent by Lord Buddha. Such places are Tilaurakot, Kudan, Gotihawa, Niglihawa, and Sagarhawa. Drive back to Hotel and overnight.

Early morning departs from Lumbini hotel and takes a flight from Bhairawa airport to Kathmandu. Overnight in Kathmandu Hotel.

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