Multi Country Tours | Combined Tour of Nepal Tibet Bhutan India

Multi Country Tours

Multi country tours which means tour of India Bhutan and Tibet from Nepal. Himalayan Smile Treks & Adventure had been providing this Multi Country Tour package service since more than a decade. Travelling makes person fresh, active and updated, and the Multi Country Tour is the most. Making the plan of doing tour in different countries gives many experiences, entertainment, and much more pleasure.
Multi Country Tours is special from different aspect as it provides the information of historical, cultural, social and natural aspect of different countries. As Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet are neighboring country to Nepal, you may find similar culture but the historical, natural and social stories are different in different point of view. You can collect different experience and enjoyment of tour from different countries. Every place has their unique symbolism and respective style. While talking about the country Nepal here you can easily get to know Nepal is a land of Everest. Similarly, Tibet is regarded as Roof of the World because of Tibetan Plateau which stands over 3 miles above sea level and is surrounded by imposing mountain ranges that harbor the worlds two highest summits, Mount Everest and Mount K2 and Bhutan is known as land of Thunderbolt. There is less or no impact of western culture in these countries so that you will be able to find different taste of travelling. Natural structure, flora and fauna, temples, shrines, and monasteries carry different values and importance according to different countries.

Nepal is famous in its own uniqueness of having land formations of Himalayan, Hilly and Terai region, and most important world’s top classic trekking trails, adventurous tourism activities, vegetation and several attractions for tourists. Similarly, Tibet is famous for its culture and religion, art and architecture, several monuments and monasteries such as Potala Palace, Sera monastery, Jokhang temple, etc. All the areas of Tibet are above 4000 meters elevation from sea level. Bhutan also has its own unique specialty as Bhutan holds more than 10000 Stupas and 2000 monasteries in the kingdom. Due to unique architectural landscape made up of stonewalls, monasteries, temples and chortens, Bhutan is able to attract many tourists and spiritual seekers.

Multi Country Tours we operate is the combination of tour packages of three different countries. This Multi Country Tour package is specially designed to collect best experience in a single holiday. You can find best and exciting Multi Country Tour package from Himalayan Smile Treks & Adventure

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