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Nepal, If anyone asks where heaven in the Earth is, then we easily can answer that is Nepal. Land of Mt. Everest (8848m) and birthplace of Gautam Buddha are the strong point to prove that Nepal is a piece of heaven. Beyond the artificial creation Nepal has its own resources which can easily melts the hearts of every person. Land of living goddess Kumari is Nepal. Nepal has its own culture and tradition. Hospitality of Nepalese people is the best part which shows how real the people are. People of Nepal think their guest as a god and treats their guest as same. They make their guest to feel very special. They entertain the guest by making as a part of their family member. That is why Nepal is being first choice to visit and become destination in holidays for tourist.

After arriving in Nepal, you will complete your paper work in airport and you will be received by our representative. After a short formal introduction you will be taken to your hotel. After taking rest in hotel if you have time you can make a plan to visit nearest places around your hotel. Here in Nepal most of the hotels are situated in Thamel area. For your comfort you can book a hotel in Thamel. You will be assisting by our representative for all necessary things you need.

You have so many options in Kathmandu to do. You can do sight seen of different old palaces, museums, monuments, temples. Some of the famous tourist spot in Kathmandu are Monkey temple, durbar squares.  You will gain so many knowledge and idea about Nepal and Nepalese. You can do shopping in local market so that you will get chance to interact with local people of city area. In Kathmandu you can enjoy seven world heritage sites. You can experience the habit of local people; get knowledge of old temples, palaces and monuments which makes your travel fun.

In Nepal you can do adventurous activities like climbing peaks, trekking, rafting, paragliding, bunjy jumping, wildlife activities and many more. If you want to gain the experience of lifestyle from remote areas of Nepal then you can do village tour. There you can get true hospitality. Also you can enjoy trekking as we have famous trekking route in different parts of Nepal. There you can enjoy the natural touch and get chance to feel the nature.

As Nepal enjoy the pride of having highest peak in the world. You can enjoy by climbing on peak, as Nepal owns eight highest peaks among ten peaks of the world including Mt. Everest (8848 m).

Jungle activities is also very famous in Nepal, you can enjoy jungle activities like jungle safari by elephant riding, jeep safari, hunting, bird watching, cannoning and many more.

We look forward for providing you Smiling Holidays with Himalayan Smile.

About Nepal

Location: Between India & the Tibetan Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China.
Area: 147,181 Sq. Kms.
Population: Approximately 24 Million.
Latitude: 26° 12′ and 30° 27′ North.
Longitude: 80° 4′ and 88° 12′ East.
Capital: Kathmandu
GMT Time: + 05:45
People: Over 40 Ethnic Groups & 70 Spoken Languages.
Political-System: Federal Republic
Topography: From the world’s deepest gorge ‘Kali-Gandaki’ to the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest at 8848m
Vegetation: Nepal possesses some of the most outstanding bio-diversity in the world, ranging from sub-tropical Rain-forests to Alpine deserts.
Climate: Climate ranges from sub-tropical in the low lands to Arctic in higher altitudes.

Winter (December-February),
Summer (March-May),
Monsoon (June-Aug),
Autumn (Sept-Nov)

National Bird: Impend Pheasant (Danfe).
National Flower: Rhododendron Arboretum (Lali Gurans).
World Heritage Sites: Ten (of which seven World Heritage Sites are situated within 20 kms. of radius, in the Kathmandu Valley).

Flora and Fauna:
• 840 different species of wet-land, migratory and residential birds.
• 8% of the world’s population of birds.
• 11 of the 15 butterfly families in the world.
• 2% of the flowering plants.
• 4% of mammals on earth.

Home to Endangered Species like: Royal Bengal tiger, One horned rhino, Snow – leopard, Red panda, Brown bear, Assamese macaque, Genetic dolphin, wolf, wild elephant, giant horn-bill, swamp deer, wild yak, Tibetan antelope, Black buck, four horned antelope, Musk deer, Pigmy hog, Hasped hare, Pangolin, Gharial, Indian bustard, Saras crane, Impend pheasant, Python, etc

A Living Cultural Heritage: Nepal’s heritage is alive and dynamic. Shamanism, Pan-animism & Witch-craft are still practised in remote regions. Temples, shrines, monuments and monasteries are extremely active with devotees burning butter-lamps, singing hymns, chiming temple bells and playing drums. The only country that has living goddess “Kumari”.

Religion: In Nepal, Hinduism and Buddhism are the two main religions. The two have co-existed down the ages and many Hindu temples share the same complex as, Buddhist shrines. Hindu and Buddhist worshippers may regard the same god with different names while performing religious rites.

Nepal has been declared as a secular country by the Parliament on May 18, 2006. Religions like Hindusim Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and Bon are practiced here. Some of the earliest inhabitants like the Kirats practice their own kind of religion based on ancestor worship and the Tharus practice animism. Over the years, Hinduism and Buddhism have been influenced by these practices which have been modified to form a synthesis of newer beliefs.

Major Activities of Nepal

Traveler Reviews

Trekking in Annapaurna Ghorepani

I had a plan of trekking in Annapaurna Ghorepani from long time. But because of lack of sufficient of leisure time I could not fulfill my plan. But this time I managed it and I came to Nepal with five colleagues. After we landed at Kathmandu Airport we were heartily welcomed by Himalayan Smile team. In Kathmandu we stayed at The Malla Hotel, beautiful five star hotel. There we were introduced our trekking guide Mr. Nabin Rai. He was experienced trekking guide. Next day we went to Pokhara by flight. And same day we started trekking. We began our trekking from Nayapul and ended at same spot. This trekking was really amazing and incredible one. Great mountain view, beautiful ethnic villages, local hospitality was memorable things we all experienced. Our guide and porters were so friendly. We could never forget their services to us.

H. O, Australia
Travel Year: 2015
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