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High Passes Trekking

High passes trekking one of the adventures trekking in Nepal. It is the combination of the entire high pass in Nepal. Basically the high pass trekking is prefers for stronger, nature lovers and adventures seeker. For high pass trekking, you have to well prepare mentally as well as physically and need to have excellent level of high tolerance and fitness. Mountaineering experience is more suitable because you might have some rope climbing as well as heavy snow need to be cross. So, mental and physical stamina is required and of course necessary equipment must bring in high pass trekking.

During these high pass trekking the trekkers can observe and touch the highest pass and highest mountains in the world as well as thousands of small beautiful peaks and heart touching unforgettable beautiful scenario at different place. On the other hand the trekkers can see various kinds of flora and fauna. Nepal has not only world highest mountains but also god Buddha birth place. So Nepal is most important tourist destination among the world. In Nepal have various yoga and meditation sport and pilgrims destination. Generally high pass trekking is covered the entire popular and technical pass, famous trekking route and all the worth seeing mountains in Nepalese Himalaya. The trekkers are offer new challenges and unique experience from high pass trekking.

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