Photo Journey of Langtang valley after earthquake : Himalayan Smile

Photo Journey of Langtang valley after earthquake

Photo Journey of Langtang valley after earthquake

Photo Journey of Langtang valley after earthquake organized by Himalayan Smile Treks. The journey is very unique taste of culture and people  with unforgettable moments. Langtang valley trekking is one of the most unique and authentic trekking destination in Nepal. This trek starts at Syaprubeshi and also ends at Syaprubeshi. This journey takes six days of walking and two days of bus trip. This trek offers the opportunity to explore unspoiled wilderness and let you get closer to its diversified flora-fauna. Wild boar, Himalayan long tail monkey (Langoor), squirrel are can be seen widely during the journey. This region is famous for Red Panda which is endangered and protect animal.

Not only the flora-fauna this journey is so famous for the culture of Tamang people which is one of the indigenous people community living in langtang region with their rich culture, custom, religion and way of living. This trek is highly recommended by New York Times for 2017. After the devastating earthquake most of the houses and trail were affected but now everything is reconstructed and renovated.

The landscape image of Syaprubeshi

Syaprubeshi 1450m/4756ft


Cupcakes & bakery from Hotspring Langtang.


Bamboo Launchplace 1970m/6461ft


Bamboo 2500m/8200ft


The first view of Langtang lirung 7227m/23704ft


Langtang trek photo journey white yak

White Yak at Ghodatabela


Whit horse and Langtang lirung background.


Trekkers on short break.


This place was a huge village before the devastating earthquake from 25th April 2015.

Demolished langtang village 3500m/11480ft

Tamang women from Mundo Knitting the wollen Cap.


The Landscape view of Kyangjin Gompa 3860m/12660ft


Exploring Kyangjin Ri Top 4800m/15744ft


Kid from Kyangjin Gompa


Himalayan Yak & Langtang Lirung (7227m/23704ft) in the background