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Planning Trek to Everest basecamp know before start

planning trek to Everest basecamp know before start

Planning trek to Everest basecamp know before start from Kathmandu. The  Everest Base Camp is the foundation for the expedition of Mt Everest 8848 M/29029 Ft and Mt Lhotse 8414 M/27605 Ft. After the great trigonometric survey of India determined Mt Everest as tallest peak on earth in 1852 then after people started getting curious about this mountain. There are two sites where we can set up the Base Camp. One is at the Tibetan side at the altitude of 5250 M/17220 Ft and the famous one is at Nepalese side at the altitude of 5365 M/17594 Ft here we are talking about Nepalese side base camp. Since the beginning of successful climbing history in 1953 more than 5000 human have already stepped over the summit of Mt Everest. Everest base camp is placed over the icy Khumbu glacier just at the lap of Khmubu ice fall. The expedition exercise starts here at Everest Base Camp.

To reach Everest base camp we have to go all the way to Everest base camp by trekking which can be start at Lukla taking 40 Min flight from Kathmandu through the Himalaya. Another easy option to visit Everest base camp is taking a helicopter. For the expedition of Everest spring time is the best time so, most of the climber they scale the summit in the month of April/May whereas very few climber dare to scale in the autumn in the month of October/November which is not very convenient thus the climber prefer spring for their expedition. It’s not necessary to be a climber just to visit Everest base camp. We can go trekking to Everest base camp and the Khumbu region where Sherpa people are the only inhabitants of the region. Sherpa people are famous for being adopted with high altitude and the arctic climatic zone thus most of the crew in the Everest expedition team are Sherpa’s.

planning trek to Everest basecamp know before start Mt everest

Everest Base Camp trek comes with bunch of charming highlights which add more feature for your journey which takes minimum 12 days. Trekking in the Khumbu region exploring the Sherpa land, playing hide & seek with yak & yeti and gazing on the world tallest mountain could be the adventure of lifetime.

Best time for visiting Everest basecamp is in autumn (September/October/November) or in spring (March/April/May whereas winter used to be very chilly and full of snow & Ice on the trail surface and in summer is Monsoon in Nepal so mostly the mountain are covered with cloud and the trail usually becomes greasy, slippery and there is big chance of landslide. Bugs and insects are widely found during summer and unscheduled flight is common problem.

Before you set off to Everest base camp trek you have to be prepare yourself physically, mentally and technically.