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Become A Green Traveller

Travel that is environmentally friendly is called green travel. Green travel supports sustainable tourism. It facilitates future travelers to have similar wonderful experiences that you enjoy now. We are promoting green travel. To succeed this campaign every traveler has a role from his part. We appeal them to be a green traveler. And we suggest adopting following ethics to be a green traveler.

  • Pollution and waste management is a huge problem throughout the world. In Nepal disposal systems are inadequate and recycling of plastics is limited. We suggest avoiding plastic packaging where possible and take along your own bag when shopping. Plastic bags will be offered for everything – don’t be shy to tell that it isn’t needed. When trekking, many travellers take an extra plastic bag to pick up any rubbish that they see to improve the area and for their own rubbish. It’s a good practice. Rubbish may have to be carried until a suitable disposal place is found.
  • Bottled water is for sale in all tourism places in Nepal but unfortunately there are few facilities for recycling of the bottles. Please try and minimize the waste of plastic water bottles. Carry water bottles with water purification tablets or iodine to purify drinking water. At many mountain lodges there is boiled water sell system where you can refill your bottle with purified boiled water for a small fee.
  • The natural environment is also very important. If in the bush (jungle) you need to make sure your human waste is buried away from waterways. Burying or carrying out used toilet paper is a must. Sanitary pads must be taken out of the area and disposed of appropriately.
  • Local culinary are part of the joy of travelling. Eat local food and drinks and your money supports the locals, rather than seeking out imported familiar snacks and drinks from home.
  • Taking photography is one of the joyful parts of travelling. Please ask permission before taking photographs of people and video. Respect their wishes if they refuse. Travellers should avoid paying to take a photo as it encourages a begging mentality to the locals. Instead if you take photos send back copies through Travel Company or direct to the people themselves.
  • Buy handicrafts and art directly from the makers in local villages when you can, rather than from fancy shops or department stores. This may help the maker to obtain a better price.
  • We ask you not to purchase endangered flora and fauna products that may be offered for sale. In many cases wildlife products that are offered for sale cannot be taken through Nepal customs on your return home. Avoid contributing to illegal trade by not purchasing.
  • Please do not give money, pens, or sweets to the local people in the communities directly you visit, as it can promote a ‘begging culture’. If you wish give consult with your guide, he will visit you local schools and office of the social organization. There you can handover to teachers and social leaders. They will distribute to those people who need them.
  • We collect clean usable clothing and trekking stuff from travellers at the end of a trip, for distribution to needy communities. If you want to leave them after trip please consult with our guide and our officer. He will collect them and distribute them to needy people.
  • We suggest doing travelling by only those travel companies who follow the ethics of responsible tourism


Substance Decomposition Information

  Substance Minimum time for decomposition
  Organic               6 month
  Cigarette               2 years
  Metal               100 year
  Plastic bag               400 Years
  Hard Plastic bottle               700 to 1000 years
  Glass               1000 years
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