Everest Base Camp Nepal with Himalayan Smile Treks - Himalayan Smile Treks

Everest Base Camp Nepal with Himalayan Smile Treks

Everest Base camp everest - Trek Nepal

Me and a friend contacted Himalayan Smile Trek for our trip to Nepal and we couldn’t be more happy with the trip.
Everything was arranged perfectly from the moment the manager, K.P picked us up from the airport to the travel back home 2 weeks later.
We met our tour guide in Kathmandu the day before we set of to the Himalayas. He was very friendly and easy going.
The trek itself was amazing. We went in the beginning of October. The weather was great from day 1 and stayed great for the major part. The nature is magnificent of course and we had a really great guide pointing out all the mountain surrounding us and explaining local culture, wild-life and fauna.
After 12 days in the mountains we got back to Kathmandu were K.P greeted us and later that evening took us to a really nice local restaurant.
Last days were spent in Kathmandu with an arranged sightseeing of the city. All in all, a perfect trip. It was my first arranged trek and I’m sure that I will contact Himalayan Smile Trek the next time I go to Nepal. There is still so much left to see. Highly recommend this travel.