Everest Panorama Trek - Himalayan Smile Treks

Everest Panorama Trek

We had an amazing time with Pramod and Himalayan Smile Treks on the Everest Panorama Trek. From the pick up at the airport, to dealing with a canceled flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, to a personalized tour around Kathmandu, we felt well taken care of and comfortable. Pramod was knowledgeable and friendly, and we quickly became close with him. Kp was very hospitable and friendly after we returned from the trek and managed the logistics of our trip perfectly. We highly recommend not only the trek, but also Himalayan Smile Treks for a smooth, intimate, and authentic experience. The Everest Panorama Trek itself allowed us to experience Everest without being able to spend more than two weeks in Nepal. The trek was not particularly rigorous or technically challenging, though it did have a few long, uphill slogs (in particualr, the ascent to Namche and to Tengboche Monastery). The views of Everest, Ama Dablum, Nupste, and Lohste were amazing, particularly on the hike from Namche to Tengboche. The accommodations in the tea houses were surprisingly comfortable. Power was always available to charge your cameras and phones, though in some places, you needed to pay for it. The rooms at night were quite chilly (mid-March), but fine with a warm sleeping bag. It was great to trek through all of the little towns, experiencing the Nepalese culture along the way. We did manage to get food poisoning, which is far from a rare experience; be prepared. Also, take the flight from Kathmandu to Lulka is cancelled after due to weather (when you see the runway, you’ll know why!); make sure to plan a day or two on either end of your trek to ensure you can get to/from Kathmandu!