Find Real Shangri La in Everest view Trek- Himalayan Smile Treks

Find Real Shangri La in Everest view Trek

Himalayan Smile Treks we found trekking agency with a difference. The Himalayan Smile Treks believes in quality tourism only help economic of Nepal and create more opportunity. We found the value for Money. I found Himalayan Smile Treks has evolved into the country’s most innovative trekking agency that has pioneered events for visitors untouched by others.

We had very comfortable and specifically trek itinerary which is design by Himalayan Smile Treks. The trekking guide and porter is implements our designs with information geared to making our trek a distinct and totally new experience.

It is my pleasure to recommend Himalayan Smile Treks and Adventures to trekkers wishing to come Nepal trek with I really enthusiastic to tell more my experience any potential trekkers to Himalayan Smile treks.