Find value of money and time - Himalayan Smile Treks

Find value of money and time

I and my wife seeking travel to the Himalaya peace and solitude in addition to wanting to be close to nature.  The Himalayan Smile treks team recommend Gokyo lake trek. It is less people hiking compare to the Everest base camp.

The trek cost is very reliable and the service is excellent. We found the value of money. The Guide Dawa Sherpa  very knowledgeable and porter Nima was superman. They had great positive energy every single day and were a joy to be around We had enjoy our trekking every day with spectacular mountain view of Khumbi valley. To climb Gokyo- Ri was very tough for us but we made our goal. The view from Gokyo ri is incredible.

We would highly recommend this trip for anyone up for an adventure. If you go to the Himalayas you must do it with Himalayan Smile Treks !