Gokyo Trek with Himalayan Smile Treks & Adventures

Gokyo Trek

Himalaya Smile Treks is willing to customize your trip according to your liking, at a reasonable price with no hidden cost. Apart from that, the standard itinerary has no planned sightseeing around Kathmandu prior to the start of the treks. And that was what attracted me to Himalaya Smile Treks. I want to reach Nepal and then start the trek the following day. If you want to enjoy Kathmandu sightseeing, you can do that after your trek is over, like I did.

KP Subedi provided great service and hospitality. My guide, Pramod, is a hilarious dude with vast knowledge of everything Nepal. He also has experiences in heli evacuation, thus you can feel safe with him as your trekking guide. Please request for Pramod if you are in need of plenty of laughs and good hospitality during your trek.