Trekking in the Himalayas base camp Everest mountain - Himalayan Smile Treks

Trekking in the Himalayas base camp Everest mountain

Trekking with Himalayan Smile Treks & adventures Since I was a child I had a dream of once going to the mighty Sagarmatha. When I was the medical student I missed an opportunity, but now at 55, I grasped my chances. Finding trekking companies for the Solukhumbu is not difficult. But a good one, I found only by studying well the different websites, testimonials and even contacting TAAN. Himalayan Smile treks was a big hit, for sure. From the preparative contacts to a warm welcome arriving in KTM. Mr. Suman is a young trekking entrepreneur, who knows his world, has nearly familiar and very friendly contact with his clients, which become friends with him. I can assure you that.

His guides have the same spirit. Michael, my guide, was as a brother for me. He learned me to know better his beautiful country with its friendly people. He has his heart on the right spot like we say in Europe. Our “social” discussions at the dinner table were nice endings of fruitfull trekking days. When at an evening in Lobuche AMS lurked a little bit around the corner, Micheal was there with his garlic soup, so I could proceed my way.

Seeing Everest from almost 6000m, was the climax of this sunny and splendid week, full of emotions, I will never forget. Like the real expeditions, we stayed too long at our secret viewpoint. So we had to do nightwork (with headlamps), to be back at the time in Lukla, very exciting.

Back in KTM, Suman personally offered me a nice sightseeing tour through KTM en Bhaktapur.

To say goodbye to my friends Suman and Michael at the end was not simple, but occasionally for a short time. Because of an Indian visa problem I had to stay one day longer in KTM. I called the only person I knew in KTM, Suman. What he did that day was top-level service (he arranged everything for me: new VISA, he gave me an extra KTM tour, a fantastic hotel at a fairly good price, etc…).

If I come back for another trekking, surely it’s with Himalayan Smile treks, they are simply the best!!!