Trip to Lumbini was outstanding | Buddhist pilgrimage tour : Lumbini

Trip to Lumbini was outstanding

Finally, I came to visit Lumbini with my beloved wife Priscilla and a guide from Himalayan smile. We rode ourselves a bicycle from the entrance gate and headed to Maya Devi temple. The environment was so peaceful like no any places, and I keep asking to guide; have we lost in paradise? He left us even curious, as we just finished visiting the palace which was only the beginning! As we headed to other places, lots of sight scenes were captured along with squirrels and birds murmuring.

There were too many multi-architectures build by different countries while most of them were still under construct. Damn we enjoyed every corner of stupa and monasteries. In my personal view, Lumbini is so advanced comparing to other pilgrimage sites, we had great trip and we felt enlightened. Never visited such hidden treasure of Nepal, likewise the Himalayan Smile we met! I think every peace seeker must visit the birth place of Gautama Buddha and take a first walk to heaven!