Reviews Himalayan Smile Treks and Adventures is really appreciated by our honorable guest to writing excellence review for our company.

Reviews of Annapurna Poon hill trekking

Reviews. Himalayan Smile Treks and Adventures is really appreciated by our honorable guest to writing excellence review for our company for an excellent service and very encouraging review for our trekking crews.

“You will not be disappointed !

The staff at Himalayan Smile Trek is more than just accommodating. I feel like I made new friends! From the first contact, about 3 months before my arrival in Nepal, till my departure flight from Nepal, KP Subedi, owner/manager of Himalayan Smile Trek, was attentive, informative and accommodating to my needs and interests.

I chose the Annapurna Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek. However, KP was able to customize the trek since my time was limited in Nepal. I had a guide and a porter with me during my trek. They made the journey unforgettable; we shared stories and laughs. My guide, Pramod, was extremely informative about the land. I was grateful to learn all about Nepal.

The Annapurna Poon hill was full of culture and beauty. This was my first trek so I do not have a point of reference but if you are looking for casual trekking submerged in the mountain and local culture, Ghorepani Poon hillĀ is the spot!

All transfers and transactions were smooth. KP meet me at the hotel in Kathmandu whenever needed. He was there to greet me upon my arrival to Nepal and my return from the trek. Pramod, my guide was always conscious of my whereabouts. I felt I was well taken care of and safe – not that you should worry about safety too much in Nepal. Everyone is extremely friendly, helpful and nice!

As appreciation for my business, I was treated to a traditional Nepali dinner by KP. The restaurant, food and staff were delightful.

Many thanks to the staff at Himalayan Smile Trek. I 100% recommend their services and will return if I should chose another trekking adventure in Nepal.
See you soon !”

Ghorepani poon Hill trek 2016

Me and my wife arrived in Kathmandu on November for 10 days Annapurna Ghorepani Poon hill trek. met airport Himalayan Smile Treks and transferred to hotel in Thamel area. We visited Himalayan Smile office orientation program. We met our guide Dharma, he is very knowledgeable about trekking route and culture . The weather was clear blue skies every single day. The accommodation was always very good and we did seem to find the rooms usually had clean and comfortable bed. The walking was hard at times but the scenery was out of this world. The Ghorepani Poon hill trek first two days where the uphill is just relentless through the stone stair case through the Rhododendron forest.
Thank you Dharma, your friendship and guidance so greatly helped us enjoy our trek in Nepal. I strongly recommend the Ghorepani Poon hill trek. I’m pleased I did this as the high country in Nepal is like nothing I’ve seen anywhere before. Just stunning! Annapurna Ghorepani is amazing and to be at the top of the world renown mountain Annapurna and Dhulagiri is awesome!

We loved the trip and look forward to another trek someday soon. I’ll be extremely happy to use the same trekking company Himalayan Smile Treks and hopefully guide as well.


You can trust Himalayan Smile Treks

We found Himalayan Smile trek 100% trustworthy trekking company in Kathmandu Nepal. They are a customer focused organization and I found their effort to create customer satisfaction very impressive. The food was generally very good and we didn’t suffer any stomach upsets at all. Dawa our porter was such a fantastic help and always waited along the way throughout the days. All the planning with emailing , KP, made the trip very easy and I’d definitely recommend Himalayan Smile Treks. The Ghorepani trekking we will recommend to visit on end of the March to April first week this time the rhododendron forest became a color full and the color splash to the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain range.

I truly recommend booking the trek through Himalayan Smile Treks & Adventures. you will never be disappoint with the service and value of your money that it will give !

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek & Chitwan National Park

My experience with Himalayan Smile Treks was fantastic from start to finish. I ask a lot of questions and KP was there to answer all of them! Pramod was my group’s guide and was an absolute pleasure to hang out with the entire time. He is ridiculously knowledgeable about the surrounding areas and just a really nice person in general. Definitely request him for your trek!
The Poon Hill trek is beautiful and the scenery is breathtaking.
I wasn’t a huge fan of Chitwan National Park, as most of their tourism relies on elephants (rides, “baths”, etc.) which I am vehemently against. This is no reflection on Himalayan Smile Treks whatsoever, but I encourage you to choose where you spend your money wisely and boycott Chitwan National Park until they remove elephants from their tourism program. You will see dozens of elephants chained to poles with no more than a few feet to walk (in the government facility no less!).

To sum it up:
Email KP today.
Setup your trek.
Request Pramod as a guide.
Boycott Chitwan National Park until elephant tourism is banned!

Poon Hill Trek

From A-Z, Himalayan Smile Treks provided an incredible experience for our group. KP and his team donated this trip for two through Charity Buzz and we bid on it and won. We invited a third friend with us on the trek and had a great time. The airport pickup was on-time, our hotel was great the first and last night (we could tell each place we stayed was carefully selected and was very comfortable), we had a very informative tour of the temples and sites of Kathmandu the second day and when we expressed interest in seeing something different, our guide easily changed the plan. The trek was great: the porters were very helpful, our guide Pramod was engaging and well-prepared, and each tea house was clean and comfortable. The menu is the same throughout the trek so I highly recommend eating Dal Bhat rather than the oily/fried foods such as pizza and fried spring rolls (and bring your own hot sauce!!). Overall, they did a wonderful job and we felt taken care of the whole time. Thank you Himalayan Smile Treks !!

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