Reviews Himalayan Smile Treks and Adventures is really appreciated by our honorable guest to writing excellence review for our company.

Reviews of Everest base camp trek

Reviews. Himalayan Smile Treks and Adventures is really appreciated by our honorable guest to writing excellence review for our company for an excellent service and very encouraging review for our trekking crews.

Mathias Joseph
Country: USA
Travel Year: 2018
Brilliant trekking in EBC

Huge thanks to Himalayan Smile treks and adventure for this delightful experience we had on Everest Base Camp. On arrival to Kathmandu airport on 26 March, we first met the humble and sweet guy Riyan who then transferred us to the hotel. We had a good communication with Mr. KP Subedi in their office which helped a lot to prepare us mentally. Also, we were being introduced to the guide Dharma who came out to be excellence and careful in the trekking.

We started with an exciting mountain flight to Lukla. Can’t believe we landed at the deadliest airport in the Himalayas. The guide and two porters were amazingly friendly to trek with. On the other hand, the mountain views and the surroundings were already fascinating to us. The Sherpa people living there were quite traditional and I am just speechless about this. On the 3rd April, we finally made it to Everest Base Camp and had a wonderful part of the trek. It was a really memorable visit in Nepal, which I recommend best destinations for trekking.

Country: Canada
Travel Year: 2018
An amazing, extraordinary and memorable trek ever !

We have been trekking nearly whole world and planned to visit Nepal… My sister-in-law often contacts the Himalayan smile trek and suggested us for Everest base camp. Though it was off season, we couldn’t get calm into it and decided our trip with this right company. The mountain flight from Kathmandu to Lukla had us impression at first place. We enjoyed every thrilling moment when landed there in Tenzing airport – which we heard it is one of the dangerous airports in the world. During the trek, our guide named Pramod seem to have the true experience to lead us, which made our trek much brilliant. Also, he was too funny to be quite entertained. Other than that, we had fresh air above 17000 ft sighted by mountains and Sherpa villages.

The closer to Everest, the colder it gets but we were Canadians so we get used to it. However, it was worth to reach Ebc and capture an amazing view of Mt. Everest. We believed it was best and remarkable experience in Nepal trekking so far! Also, we heard about good trekking destination in Annapurna, can’t wait to visit again!

Country: China
Travel Year: 2017
Everest base camp, best trekking so far !

It was spring 2017, my wife and I planned to visit glorious mountain of Himalayas and searched for the best tour operators in Nepal. We chose Himalayan smile as this company seemed good, and we were true about their service. On their suggestion to Everest base camp, we were kindly provided with guidance and information by Mr. Subedi before the trek.

We started an exciting mountain flight to Lukla airport (the highest altitude airport I have ever seen). There was this guide Pramod who was quite experienced and informative. He and porters helped us a lot and made our trek smoothly. Also, tea houses were hospitable and well serving throughout the trek. We spend the most wonderful time of our trek in Everest base camp. The weather was so good and we get to capture the beauty of Everest from Kala Patthar. It was amazing to experience with a Himalayan smile and my wish list goes to Annapurna base camp with them again. Thank you Himalayan Smile team, it was acceptable!

Country: South Africa
Travel Year: 2017
We had wonderful time in Nepal with himalayan Smile Trek

Namaste Himalayan smile treks. We had an amazing experience in Everest base camp and we were lucky to have the cool guide during our trek. The porters were also friendly and helpful to reach our destination. Even now the memory gave us smile as the company name. I wish to visit Nepal again soon.

Jos van den Nieuwelaar
Country: Netherlands
Travel Year: 2017
Himalayan Smile Treks – this name really tells it all !

Himalayan Smile Treks – this name really tells it all!  We thoroughly enjoyed the entire program from Jiri to Mount Everest Base Camp, we kept a smile through the hard climbing, and even kept the smile on our way back, thinking of our wonderful trip.

It was a truly enjoyable experience; The landscape, nature, Nepali culture and the way we were received and accompanied all the way.

The entire organization and the support of the accompanying persons were outstanding. Our guide Pramod and our porter were extremely competent, friendly, supportive trustworthy and fun; they made our endeavor light and kept encouraging us.

We can without a doubt recommend Himalayan Smile Treks as an efficient, trustworthy, honest and knowledgeable organization with great people.

Thanks to all of them, we had a wonderfully memorable visit in Nepal and trekking to EBC!

Travel Year: 2016
Top of the World !!!

I did the Everest base camp trekking in April with Himalayan Smile Treks. The trekking team is phenomenal trekking guide and porter. Our guide Dharma and porter Lakpa did excellent job the trip would not have been the same without them. They were friendly, informative and knowable. Our guide Dharma was extremely helpful when my friend experienced altitude sickness. . It wasn’t easy but the support I was given along with my cousin made the experience into Everest Base Camp trekking so memorable and amazing. I believe they are second to none and look forward to trekking with them again.
I will come back for more, and can only 100% recommend to anyone looking for an adventurous and out of this world experience hike to Mount Everest base camp with Himalayan Smile Treks.

Long Nuy
Country: Indonesia
Travel Year: 2015
Great Adventure Trip

K.P. provided me the best service from airport pick-up to hotel transfer, to trek discussion and overview and to introducing me to my mountain guide and porter. Himalayan Smile treks provide best price for Everest base camp trek. Trip we had combined with Chitwan National Park. It is great combination of the wildlife and nature.

Our guides have the same spirit. Dharma, my guide, was as a brother for me. He learned me to know better his beautiful country with its friendly people. The welcome and farewell dinners were appreciated and a wonderful inclusion to our package.We will have no hesitation in recommending your company to our friends and family.

Country: United Kingdom
Travel Year: 2016
The best holiday to Everest base camp

If your thinking about a trip to Nepal for Everest base camp trekking , do it with Himalayan Smile Treks. This company and team is amazing and all office staff is friendly and service oriented. Mr KP make well plan our Everest base camp trekking itinerary day by day. He is very professional and answered all my queries through email as soon as possible and even gave me a reasonable price. Everything was perfectly organized, from sightseeing in Kathmandu and a breathtaking Everest flight, to a 14 days trekking  at Everest base camp. Our guide Dawa Sherpa is excellent  and knowledgeable about trekking in Everest base camp. He is from Everest region. We did successfully Everest base camp trek. All credit goes to our guide Dawa Sherpa.

We are totally in love with Nepal and will for sure come back. If you’re going to Nepal for Everest base camp trek contact KP Subedi. Your  dream can true with Himalayan Smile Treks.

Country: Brazil
Travel Year: 2016
Amazing Trip to Everest base camp with Himalayan Smile Treks

I travel from Brazil the long way to Nepal with my friend in September 2016. In last week of the September monsoon almost finished but still, every day raining. We meet KP all check our trekking gear and few things he recommended to buy. Also, we did interact with guide Ganesh. Next day we had adventure flight to Lukla. Our guide was amazingly knowledgeable he knows about all history and culture of Everest Region. Our sherpa porter Nima is incredible, he is very strong, always helpful and always smiling. He is from Lukla. After Namche Bazaar weather is a perfect green field with white mountains. We had successful our trek to Mount Everest Base Camp with the support of Himalayan Smile Treks trekking crew without our guide we couldn’t able to reach Everest base camp. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Himalayan Smile Treks to anyone traveling to Nepal. No matter how long or short a time you have, you’ll be blown away by their humble professionalism and friendliness.

Country: United Kingdom
Travel Year: 2016
EBC Trek Combined with Chitwan Jungle Tour

I visited Nepal on 2016 march with family for Everest base camp trekking. After the trek my family interested to visit Chitwan National Park and we extend our holiday to Nepal than we tour Chitwan. The Himalayan Smile Treks  is a great trekking company which is fulfill  all our expectation. The EBC trek price is very reasonable we were success to experience of highest mountain mount Everest in 14 days.  The trek guide Pramod is excellent. He care all my family. Also he is very knowledgeable about trekking route and High altitude sickness. we were so grateful for the professionalism and the experience these guys have because of working hard to success or trip to Everest base camp.  We will highly recommend  to Himalayan Smile Treks , you will not find anyone better to handle Your visit to Nepal !!!

Country: Brazil
Travel Year: 2016
Trek to Mount Everest Base Camp

Trekking from Lukla to EBC was a unique experience! Himalayan Smile owner/manager KP assisted our team of 4 with all planning, reservations, gear check and a first class guide (Mr. Ganesh).
Having had some spare time, KP also managed to organize other trips, to southern Nepal and Buthan.
All swiftly and easy.
Congrats KP!

PS – for the ones trekking on the Kala Patthar, starting at 4:00 am, don’t forget to dress warm and grab a breakfast : )

Country: Sweden
Travel Year: November 6, 2015
Everest Base Camp Nepal with Himalayan Smile Treks

Me and a friend contacted Himalayan Smile Trek for our trip to Nepal and we couldn’t be more happy with the trip.
Everything was arranged perfectly from the moment the manager, K.P picked us up from the airport to the travel back home 2 weeks later.
We met our tour guide in Kathmandu the day before we set of to the Himalayas. He was very friendly and easy going.
The trek itself was amazing. We went in the beginning of October. The weather was great from day 1 and stayed great for the major part. The nature is magnificent of course and we had a really great guide pointing out all the mountain surrounding us and explaining local culture, wild-life and fauna.
After 12 days in the mountains we got back to Kathmandu were K.P greeted us and later that evening took us to a really nice local restaurant.
Last days were spent in Kathmandu with an arranged sightseeing of the city. All in all, a perfect trip. It was my first arranged trek and I’m sure that I will contact Himalayan Smile Trek the next time I go to Nepal. There is still so much left to see. Highly recommend this travel.

Dr Lou Smout
Country: Belgium
Travel Year: February 17, 2014
Trekking in the Himalayas base camp Everest mountain

Trekking with Himalayan Smile Treks & adventures Since I was a child I had a dream of once going to the mighty Sagarmatha. When I was the medical student I missed an opportunity, but now at 55, I grasped my chances. Finding trekking companies for the Solukhumbu is not difficult. But a good one, I found only by studying well the different websites, testimonials and even contacting TAAN. Himalayan Smile treks was a big hit, for sure. From the preparative contacts to a warm welcome arriving in KTM. Mr. Suman is a young trekking entrepreneur, who knows his world, has nearly familiar and very friendly contact with his clients, which become friends with him. I can assure you that.

His guides have the same spirit. Michael, my guide, was as a brother for me. He learned me to know better his beautiful country with its friendly people. He has his heart on the right spot like we say in Europe. Our “social” discussions at the dinner table were nice endings of fruitfull trekking days. When at an evening in Lobuche AMS lurked a little bit around the corner, Micheal was there with his garlic soup, so I could proceed my way.

Seeing Everest from almost 6000m, was the climax of this sunny and splendid week, full of emotions, I will never forget. Like the real expeditions, we stayed too long at our secret viewpoint. So we had to do nightwork (with headlamps), to be back at the time in Lukla, very exciting.

Back in KTM, Suman personally offered me a nice sightseeing tour through KTM en Bhaktapur.

To say goodbye to my friends Suman and Michael at the end was not simple, but occasionally for a short time. Because of an Indian visa problem I had to stay one day longer in KTM. I called the only person I knew in KTM, Suman. What he did that day was top-level service (he arranged everything for me: new VISA, he gave me an extra KTM tour, a fantastic hotel at a fairly good price, etc…).

If I come back for another trekking, surely it’s with Himalayan Smile treks, they are simply the best!!!

Country: USA
Travel Year: 2011
17 day loop trek to Everest base camp

Hello! I am an educator from northern Minnesota in the USA. who just completed a 17-day loop trek to Everest base camp with KP. I want anyone who is considering a trek to consider KP as their guide as he not only is very knowledgeable in the culture, people, customs, flora, fauna, mountains, and anything else one would want to know about Nepal, but also has a GREAT sense of humor! He will make you laugh along the trekking trail! I had an absolutely awesome time and 95% of this is directly attributable to having KP as my professional guide. KP watches out for your safety and checks in just the right amount to see how you are doing as you complete the trek. He is a true gentleman. I appreciated being able to trek at my own pace as I was coming from flat MN at 1500 feet. He not only has professionalism in dealing with any safety factors along the way but makes sure you are comfortable both physically and psychologically and so I highly recommend KP. Not only was he a guide extraordinaire, but he lined up an opportunity for me to connect with a school in his home area so that we might become sister schools with the school on a Native American reservation where I teach. Please feel free to contact to KP and his office.

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