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Rice Plantation festival in Nepal

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Nepal is dominated by agriculture. More than 60 % people of Nepal depend on the agriculture based profession. The “rice planting festival” of Nepal is one of the country’s most important monsoon seasons which mark the first planting of the premier staple crop. This festival is celebrated on 15th Ashar (29th June this year) of Nepali calendar every year as a tradition of Nepalese culture. Fifteenth of Ashar is the day when the crop planting season officially begins.

On the festival day, all over the farmer get-together at their paddy field where ladies plant the rice and gentleman plough the field to make the land suitable for planting the paddy.Rice Planting Festival is also known as Ropai Jatra in Nepali society. It is the Major season of planting paddy. Farmers do not depend on irrigation or other water resources. Nature itself drained water sufficiently to fertile the young rice paddy. The season is the busiest season for the farmer comparing with other seasons. Rice planting day a special day for the farmer as it is celebrated as one of the important agricultural practices in the country. This is also the time when the farmers sing the Asare Geet (Folk songs) while planting rice in the field. These songs entertain and help to forget the sorrows.

Rice Plantation festival in Nepal organize by VITOF Nepal

Recently Nepal Government has also announced this day as National Paddy Day, to encourage farmers. This day celebrates playing mud – water, eating varies types of cosines. Especially the mash-up of yogurt and beaten paddy is mainly eaten as a reminder of rice planting festival.

With the advancement of technology, the farming system in Nepal is also being advanced. Farmers use mechanical tools and technology to get the optimum profit from the investment. In the case of Nepal, Agriculture can be the backbone of income source if we developed the country throughout the agriculture. As well as the agriculture education and advancement in technology play the vital role in order to inspire the young generation and development the agriculture sector.

Rice plantation festival in Neuwakot 2017

In the perspective of tourism, Ropai Festival has pulled up the attention of a large number of the international traveler as the way of exchanging culture and familiarizing with locals. For few last years, all over the world tourists are eagerly participating in rice plantation program. Especially in the remote areas, they are enjoying in Muddy field, and with local people. Himalayan Smile Treks and Adventure is one of the legally authorized event organizer in Nepal, warmly offers to all enthusiastic ones to join Rice Planting Festival in Nepal, this trip organize once in a year (Asar 15, according to Nepali calendar) with hospitable people and well-organized way. Enjoy the Muddy and dirty rice planting festival in Nepal.