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Schools Educational Tour in Nepal

Schools educational vacation tour in Nepal is one of the best destinations for educational tour and research.

  • Trip Fact - 7 days
  • Trip highlights: Kathmandu valley sightseeing, Pokhara valley sightseeing, Dhampus hiking
Schools educational tour Nepal

Schools educational  tour  Nepal is one of the best destinations for educational tour and research. A lot of people come to research and study about Nepalese life style, culture and other science and art stream. A lot high school and college students came for educational Tour and many foreigners’ students have completed their PhD degree by doing research in Nepal. So, Nepal educational tour is in very potential for every student.

Nepal is home of one horn rhinos, Bengal Tiger, wild elephants and other animals.4% of mammals on earth,8% of the world’s population of bird; more than 848 species. There are some animals and birds that are found only in Nepal such as the Spinny Babbler. The wild life includes its flora and fauna and their natural no habitats in Nepal. Nepal also the large no of Rhododendron species with 2% of all the flowering plants in the world more than 600 indigenous plant families. Among the world 15 families of butterflies, 11 of the world found here with more than 500 species and 19 species of exotic orchids.

In Nepal more than 101 ethnic groups live with 92 spoken language and more than 50 religious festivals to celebrate each year and most of these festivals offer an opportunity to become immersed in the meaning of local religion and gain merit. So, these are things which make Nepal special to make educational tour for school college and university students.

Kathmandu – Dhampus – Pokhara – Kathmandu

Dhampus is a fabulous village which is 18 km away from Pokharaand situated at an altitude of 1750m above from sea level. It is typical Gurung villages where people are having their farmland, agricultural stuff and daily live hood materials. Village is quite different because of their hospitality and the culture, which is quite unique of Gurung people. Culture and their live hood could be the topic for educational students. The people are very friendly so it will be easy to get knowledge about them. The educational topic could be extending by getting knowledge of their typical farming style as well.

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