Sustainable Tourism - Environment, Economic Mission of Himalayan Smile

Sustainable Tourism

Himalayan Smile Treks and Adventures Pvt. Ltd. is a locally owned and managed trekking company established by a team of professionals who have long years of experience in travel, trekking, tour and adventure activities in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. We offer complete travel services to our clients including trekking, tours, peak climbing, expeditions, vehicle hiring, hotel booking, rafting, and flight booking. As per the demand  of our guests, we also organize various special interest tours like bird watching, golfing, spiritual tours, village tours, arrangements for yoga and meditation classes, offering various volunteering services like teaching English to Nepalese children, working in an orphanage, cultural exchange programs and similar extra programs.

Our mission is to provide best service what we have committed to guest. Each and every product are designee with full of research and experiment. So every product is made with Eco friendly. Our trekking, tort and expedition does not disturb the ecological balance of environment. It is synthesize with a concept of environment, economy and excess to future generations.

  • Environment Mission:

While operating activity do not disturb the ecological balance of environment.

  • Economic Mission:

Operate the company on a sound financial basis of profitable growth along with financial rewards for our employees with give back to local communities.

  • Service Mission:

To provide best service with reasonable price with social correspond. That service what we are committed on.

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