Top Ten Tips you should follow during your Everest Trek

Top ten tips you should follow during your Everest trek


  1. Always be alert during the trek: There is always some danger and risk during your everyday hike so, always keep your eyes on surrounding to make sure everything is alright. Thus the area is home for many wild animals and creature so, we need to be alert every moment during the trek.
  1. Always walk through the corner in the cliff areas: when you trekking high above the ground and through the cliff areas you must take mountain side. The yak and Zokpeys frequently comes and goes so, its very important to take mountain side. And to make the distance between you and them you can show your hiking pole in the front that helps to steer them .
  2. Stop and let them go in the narrow trail: There will be many porters carrying big loads when they need to pass through you please stop and let them go.
  3.  Always treat your cold water: we Himalayan smile treks & adventure support Eco friendly tourism and garbage management is a big challenge for this area so, we would like to request to avoid bottled water as more as possible. And would like to remind you to ask your guide and expert for your water where you can find good one.
  1. Eat plenty of fluid and hydrate well: Drink plenty of water and fluid so you can hydrate well. In the mountain the rate of releasing urine is more rather then lower so, you need to drink frequently.
  1. Eat hygienic food avoid oily: Make sure your food is energetic as well as healthy otherwise unhygienic food can ruin your trek. This is also the important part of your trek.
  1. Take well care of your gear and equipment: Gear and equipment are important factor of the trek like food and shelter. Take good care of your gear and don’t forget any necessary thing in your guest house. Make sure before you leave the guest house all of your necessary stuff are okay .
  1. Carry sufficient amount food and water: Carry around 2/3 liter of water and enough instant food in day backpack. And don’t forget to put umbrella/raincoat, windcheater, gloves, jacket, toilet paper, head cap, extra battery for your camera.
  1. Listen to your body: In spite of good care it’s hard to predict when and mountain sickness happen. If you got any of the mountain sickness symptom please do tell you guide and friends. Follow the expert advice.
  1. Be careful for your health and sanitation: Hygiene is the most important factor of your trek so, please don’t ignore this. Cut your nail, apply sun cream/lip balm, use hand sanitizer after you go toilet and you touch the dirty surface. We Himalayan smile treks & adventure are very conscious about hygiene thus we offer you the best. Hygiene is the most important factor like major other .

    Everest base camp trekking itself challenge to do because of high altitude. The Everest base camp trek last tea house is in Goraksherp at 5140 m where you have to spent overnight. From here you will day hiking mount Everest base camp and Kalapatther where you can view world highest mountain mount Everest(8848m), it is highlights of the Everest Trekking.