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Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries on earther , Which lies between India and China . Regardless of its small Geography (147100 Square km ) Nepal is very rich in natural anthropogical, social, cultural and linguistic diversity . More than 100 languages are than 75 different ethnic communities having their own social and cultural history. Altitudes vary from as low as 60 meter to the Top of the world d-mt. everest 8848 meters. 8 of the 14 eight thousand meters tall (8,000 mt ) mountain peak in the world stand proudly in Nepal. Nepal is the only country in the world having 7 (seven ) UNESCO world heritages within 7 kms distance . There are numerous all season rivers for Rafters and kayakers and more than a dozen wild life conservations National parks (some in the highest altitude national parks on earth ) for Nature lovers. Such extreme variations in history, altitudes and ecological diversities prove than Nepal is All SEASONS Country for tourism.