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USA Lifted Travel Warning to Nepal

The United States of America has lifted a warning issued to its citizens not to visit Nepal.

The US had repeatedly listed Nepal as a country unfavorable for American citizens to travel to in the wake of Maoist insurgency and the Royal Massacre in June 2001. The last of the warnings was issued in January this year.

“In recognition of improved conditions in Nepal, the US Department of State has revoked the travel warning,” the embassy of USA in Kathmandu said in a statement today.

“The embassy is pleased that overall situation in Nepal has improved to such a degree that this decision can be made,” the statement added.

US Ambassador Scott H DeLisi, who met Minister for Peace and Reconstruction Satya Pahadi yesterday, is learnt to have told the minister that his country was going to scrap the warning and encourage its citizens to travel to Nepal as significant progress had been made in the peace process.

The warning, which was issued in January — as Nepal prepared to mark its tourism year — has been lifted just 25 days before the year ends. Due to ban, Nepali tourism industry had badly been affected. Prasidda Pandey, chairman of Hotel Association of Nepal, welcomed the US decision and hoped more tourists would now come to Nepal.