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Visit to Nepal Folk Museum

I have been to Tripureshwor many times before but had never noticed any museum over there. I was quite amazed to find the museum there when our Social Studies teacher took us to the museum at Tripureshwor for a field visit recently.

We walked through a narrow road which led us to a huge and beautiful temple. And opposite to the temple was the museum named Nepal Folk Musical Instrument Museum. We climbed up the carved wooden staircase and reached the first floor of a house where the museum is located. There was a volunteer to guide us who had been involved in this profession since long ago. He explained us about different musical instruments.

Inside the museum, there were around 324 musical instruments. All of them were different and unique and each instrument seemed to be related to one caste group or another.

I was very surprised to know that the biggest and the smallest Sarangis were also available in Nepal. Well talking about other musical instruments present at the museum, there were Panchai Baja, Narsingha, Ektar, Dhare Basuri and more which I had never heard of before. You can taste all unique culture in Nepal retreat tour in Nepal

However, the museum did not seem to be maintained properly. The museum is located on the first floor of an old house and the musical instruments are just hanged without proper care. The only volunteer of the museum has great knowledge about the instruments but it would have been better if there were other volunteers also.

However, the visit to the museum was a wonderful experience for me. And, I feel the museum should be well maintained in order to preserve those antique musical instruments and also to attract the tourists.

Meanwhile, I would like to thank my teacher as we got to learn lots about the musical instruments from this visit.