Working in Dolpo together with local people in off the beaten area in Nepal

Working together for Dolpo

After finishing my SLC exam, I visited my village Dolpo. The eight days of the SLC exam seemed almost a month for me because I had planned the journey to my village before exam. Dolpo is located in the northern part of Nepal which touches the Tibet border. The village is often known as the hidden beauty land of Nepal. It has been announced as an important tourist destination since 2002. The number of tourists coming to Dolpo is very high and they even need to pay very high fare entering here as compared to any places of Nepal.

There is a very low literacy rate in Dolpo because the government has failed to provide education to the people. At present, there are about eight to nine boarding schools that provide quality education to the students. But not a single school is aided by our government. Instead they are dependent upon the support of foreigners. The Dolpo is the off the beaten trekking in Nepal

These schools have become able to make positive influence upon the villagers as the local have even started becoming aware about need to cleanliness, development work and sense of education. And now I feel that there are many areas in Dolpo which can be developed in the days to come.

So, I request all the friends of Dolpo who live in Kathmandu and any other places of the world to return to our own village and work together for its development.