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World’s Longest Zip-Flyer begins in Nepal

Zip- flyer is the newly opened  weekend Adventure activities in Nepal. The longest Zip-Flyer has started in Lake City of Pokhara, Nepal. According to the promoters the Zip- flyer is new in Naples’s context and it would be of great help to promote adventure tourism. The Zip –flyer which starts at the height of 5032 ft in Sarankot and ends at 3000 ft in Hemja Plain is 1860 m long. It runs at the speed of 140 km/hours. Two people can make the ride at a time sitting side-by-side on two trolleys suspended from a cable.

More than 500 thrill seekers have already slid from the top after it came into operation in june after two years of construction. Flight provides a lot of excitement, as they can see the beautiful Annapurna and Machhapuchhre, two of the highest mountains in the world of the Himalayan range while slipping through. Zip flyer for domestic tourists is Rs 3,890 and the rate for foreign tourists is set at Rs 5,890. The minimum age for this adventure sport is 14 years.