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Kathmandu day trips are rewarded amongst 10 best places to visit in Nepal. The place surrounds with boundary hills containing its unique natural habitat and indigenous people. Consequently, lots of hiking takes place within the hills of Kathmandu valley making the trip smooth and flexible. Most of the hill contains amazing day trips of bird watching, waterfalls, mountain views, and seasonal snow fun. To be more favorable, Kathmandu day trips are always available and you can take part anytime you wish for.


Kathmandu day trips option 1: Phulchowki dada

Phulchowki dada is the ‘hill of flowers’ allocated 2782m inside the Godavari forest. The word ‘Phul’ means flower and ‘Dada’ means hill in the Nepali language. This is the best destination for nature lover as the hill has lots of vegetation and greeneries. More incredibly, snowfall occurs at the top of Phulchowki dada during rainy days in winter. In addition, there is a Hindu pilgrimage site where the festival held once in 12 years that brings many visitors from the different region.

Kathmandu day trips in Phulchowki

Phulchowki is approx 14km south of the Kathmandu. You will have 45 minutes scenic drive to reach the Godavari from where you are starting the hike. The amazingly cultivated of plants and flowers inside Godavari Botanical garden will refresh your trip to the further ahead. After entering the dense forest, you will meet various species of flora & fauna that extends your natural affection. And also the chance to meet several rare and endangered bird species such as Blue-throated Barbet, Nepal Fulveta, Grey Treepie and others. Finally, at the very top of the hill, observe an eye-catching view of Annapurna range and Gaurisankhar mountain. Spend some good times and hiking in Phulchowki ends as you hike down to Godawari then drive back to Kathmandu.


Kathmandu day trips option 2: Champadevi dada

Champadevi dada is an excellent Kathmandu day trips to hike around all season. This magnificent hill lies with an altitude of 2,285 meters offering you a beautiful Kathmandu valley and the mountains. Champadevi is a Hindu deity referring ‘Champa’ as a name and ‘Devi’ as a goddess. Hence, many Hindu religious visits the Champadevi temple as a great spot for pilgrimage sites. For hikers, the hill is full of lush greeneries and perfect for nature gentle walk.

Kathmandu day trips in Champadevi

First of all, you will access 40 minutes drive to Machhegaun and a short walk into the town. Machhegaun is a small village/town located south-west of the Kathmandu. You will hike inside the Machhegaun forests that lead to the Champadevi dada at the top. During the hike, observe the various species of floras including rhododendron in some region. While you can find such wild berries like cranberry, salmonberry, raspberry, etc which are edible. After climbing top of the hill, you will find spectacular mountain views and the valleys from the Champadevi. And not to forget a short greeting to the Champadevi temple. After some couple of time spending,  hike down the hill until you reach amazing Taudaha lake. It will charge a ticket to enter and you can refresh your mind and body around the lake. Lastly, the car will pick you up and drive back to Kathmandu.

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