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1 day trek in Nepal

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1 Day

Maximum altitude



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Start/End Point
Pokhara to Kande

Trek Highlights

Scenic drive (Pokhara to Kande and Dhampus Phedi to Pokhara)

• Massive Annapurna Himalayan Panorama observation.

• Jungle walk

• Bird watching

• Australian camp 1880m.

• Dhampus 1650m village explore.

• Gurung people and culture discovery

• Typical Nepali Slate stone thatched roof house observation.

Trek Overview

1 day trek in Nepal is a tremendous trekking package initiated by Himalayan smile treks & adventure. As you know well Nepal is one of the most incredible diversified countries which bestows its immense treasure. This rectangular country which length about 1000 Km and breadth 175 Km has all kinds of geography and climate in the world. It is home to 125 different tribe people who speak about 120 languages. This highly culture-rich country is home to 10 UNESCO world heritage sites that Kathmandu city accounts for 7 inside 10 Km diameter.

In another word, we can say Nepal is a garden full of the sanctuary, Himalayas, National park, Temple and monument, Monastery and Chorten, Monk and nun, sage and saint, where we can find every corner as sacred as Himalaya. Kathmandu city which is known as the city of the temple where we can find temple and devotee everywhere. The legendary 1000 tongued serpent well known for admiring isn’t enough to praise the beauty and diversity of Nepal. Therefore 1-day trek Nepal is a mirror that reflects the overall scenery of Nepal.

1 day trek in Nepal starts at Pokhara 810m from there we drive to Kande 27km which takes about 1 hour. After short refreshment at Kande, we commence our trek walking uphill through the lush green forest following stone spread trail all the way to the top of the ridge where we can see beautiful Himalayan panorama. The walk takes 1.5 hours to reach Australian camp 1880m from there we can see a long panorama of Annapurna range. We take launch at Australian camp then we descend down to Dhampus 1650m which is one of the picturesque villages inhabited mostly by Gurung people who are world-famous warriors. Dhampus Village main attraction is the stone thatched roof house surrounded by beautiful flowers. Uniquely cultivated small terrace, slate stone spread trail makes it more exhilarating. Annapurna Himalayan panorama in the backdrop makes it a wonderful amphitheater. We pass exploring through the village where we stop at one spot for refreshment and observation. Then we walk all the way down through forest, terraced field and village to Dhampus Phedi 1130m where we take our car to drive back to Pokhara.

1 day trek in Nepal is for those who have short duration time in Nepal but aiming to explore the whole through small journeys and wish to see the countryside, Himalaya, Indigenous people, culture, customs, and heritage. Himalayan smile trek & adventure is veteran trekking and tour operator across Nepal, India, and Bhutan so if you have any query please drop some line you will be there for you.

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Trek Map

Nagarjuna hill

Nagarjuna hill is located in the northwestern part of Kathmandu city which is the nearest sanctuary from Kathmandu city. It’s just a 5 km drive from Thamel which is the major tourist hub in Kathmandu. Nagarjuna hill is located inside Shivapuri Nagarjun national park. This trek is famous for bird watching also a panoramic view of Himalaya can be seen from the top of Nagarjuna hill and it’s the best place for aerial Kathmandu city view.
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Nagarkot Changunarayan

Nagarkot 2175m is one of the major hill stations located in the eastern part of Kathmandu city. It is 32 Km away from Kathmandu which takes 1.5 hrs by drive. Nagarkot is famous for panoramic Mountain View, countryside lifestyle, Tamang and Newar people culture, Bird watching, etc. We drive to Nagarkot 2175m and we start our trek which is all downhill through a village where we can see kids playing, locals waiving hands, local making country booze. We finish the journey at Changunarayan which is a UNESCO world heritage site.
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Shivapuri hill

Shivapuri hill 2732m is located inside Shivapuri Nagarjun national park which is located in the northern part of Kathmandu. Shivapuri trek is surely an exciting journey which quenches your thirst for exploring wood. It is a 20km drive from Thamel Kathmandu to the starting point Shundarijal. It takes 3 hrs to reach the top of Shivapuri hill and 2 hours to come back down. You can see various birds, animals, Shivapuri temple, Nagi Gompa during this trek.
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Chandragiri Hills

Chandragiri hills 2551m are located in the southwestern part of Kathmandu city. We drive to Matatirtha which is a 13 km drive from Kathmandu. The trek is uphill all the way to the top of Chandragiri hills where we stop to see around. There is a god shiva temple called Bhaleshwor Mahadev temple. The cable car is also available here so if you prefer to avoid downhill you can take it. After reaching the top journey continue all the way through the ridge to Hattiban where we picked up by car and drive back to Kathmandu.
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Phulchoki Hill

Pulhoki hill 2700m is located in the southern part of Kathmandu city. Pulchoki hill is famous for bird watching, Jungle walk, Mountain View, Phulchiki main temple. We drive to the Godavari which is 18.2 km from Thamel takes around 1 hour. It is bird watching hub that nearly 265 species of birds are found inside the Phulchoki forest. The hike takes a seven-hour walk which is four hours uphill and 3 hours downhill. Highlights of Phulchoki Hill trek
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Dhampus village

Dhampus village 1650m is located in the lap of Mt Annapurna in the northern part of Pokhara city 810m. For Dhampus 1 day trek we have to drive to Dhampus Phedi which is 20 Km from Pokhara city. We walk all the way uphill through stone spread upstairs to Dhampus. Dhampus is one of the most picturesque villages having snowcapped Annapurna in the backdrop. This village is mainly inhabited by Gurung tribe people who were regarded as famous warrior Gurkha. Slatestone is widely used here for roof and trail paving which made it more attractive. Dhampus 1 day trek is a perfect journey.
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World peace pagoda trek

World peace pagoda trek is an exclusive one day trip that starts driving from lakeside to World peace pagoda which is 7.2 km roughly takes about 30 minutes. World peace pagoda lies on the top of a hill from there we can see the beautiful panorama of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Manaslu. We visit premises around peace stupa and commence the trek all the way downhill to a bank of the lake from there we take a boat ride to Lakeside. This trip takes about 4 hours and the vantage is you can see the village, birds-eye view of Pokhara city and the panoramic view of Himalaya.
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Sarangkot Naudanda trek

Sarangkot Naudanda trek is one of the best short and sweet treks in Nepal which offers you the opportunity to see the panoramic view of Himalaya, Bird eye view of Pokhara city and village life observation. We start a journey early in the morning from lakeside Pokhara to Sarangkot 1560m which is 11km drive which takes 30 minutes. We see the sunrise from Sarangkot and take some refreshment and we commence our trek which goes all the way through the ridge. It takes 4 hours to reach Naudanda where we picked up by car to drive back Pokhara.
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Lowang village trek

Lowang village 1585m trek is a wonderful journey at the bottom of Mardi Himal which starts from Lakeside Pokhara drive all the way to Lowang Phedi which takes nearly 2 hours. Our journey starts at Lowang Phedi then we start walking. We walk into the village because this village is not less than a museum because of the uniquely built houses where culture-rich Gurung people live. We go to visit the tea garden which is located above the village. The journey takes 7 hours including a 4-hour drive and a three-hour trek around the village and tea garden.
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Walling Bahunthan trek

Walling Bahunthan trek is located in the Walling municipality of Syangja district which is a 2-hour drive from Pokhara. We start our hiking at Walling 710m and follow the trail which goes straight uphill all the way to the top of the hill through several multi culture people living village. During the hike, you can see the panoramic view of Annapurna and Manaslu. Bird-eye view of Walling city is very impressed with the mostly pink color house. The journey takes 4 hours in total.
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