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Day Yoga Retreat tour
Day Yoga Retreat tour
Day Yoga Retreat tour

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Day Yoga Retreat tour

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Day Yoga Retreat tour organize by Himalayan Smile Treks. It is takes the delight offering various choices in our holiday destinations, as Nepal is famous for its high Himalaya with Mt. Everest and other 8,000 meters peaks, including its old culture and traditions with historical and World Heritage Sites where Hinduism and Buddhism blends in perfect harmony.

Before or after you’re major and main trips trekking, mountaineering or other adventure sports and cultural trips with ample time in Kathmandu.

Day Yoga Retreat tour provides a blissful course and classes of Yoga & Meditation in ambiance retreat far from the maddening crowd of metropolitan city life.

Our daily routine of Yoga & Meditation class with expert Yoga Guru and instructors:

Day 01

At 5.00 A.M. (sharp): Wake Up and refresh yourself and with right
dress code for the Yoga or meditation class.

6:00 A.M :. After refreshing oneself walk towards the Yoga assemble
spot with mantra chanting as OM….
7:00 A.M : As per the instruction of the Guru and instructor perform Shatkarma an art of yogic cleansing of the mind and body.

7:30 A.M : Follow the instructor the Guru with yogic posture of Asanas and pranayama meaning yogic breathing.

8:30 A.M: After a wonderful refreshing morning with Yoga exercise morning meal is important and necessary to keep the energy level flowing healthy and hygienic breakfast served.

9:00 A.M:This is kind of social work where you can take part in the daily domestic duty or routine known as Seva and karma yoga which includes center help like gardening, kitchen, cleaning, etc.

11:00 A.M: After free, leisure social routine assemble for Meditation and yogic discussion where you can provide with queries to get the answers and information required.

12:30 P.M: With interesting morning and discussion and exercise a healthy lunch
provided strictly vegetarian meals with pure organic items.

1:00 P.M: After a delightful lunch time for own personal activities time where one take a stroll, study and refresh taking a shower or a bath.

2:30 P.M: Western culture called it a Siesta after having lunch in Yoga a Nidra a psychic sleep with deep rest for the mind and body.

3:30 P.M: Seva or social service and duty known as karma yoga with center help like gardening, kitchen, cleaning, etc. to keep oneself occupied with domestic routine which helps to refresh mind and body.

4:00 P.M: After an impressive time an interval is needed with refreshing Tea break where you can interact with fellow members.

4:30 P.M: As the day closes with near sunset Sanas a yogic posture and pranayama a yogic breathing exercise is performed where you will be instructed fully with the exercise and practices.

6:00 P.M: An early light dinner of pure organic vegetarian food served to energies your body strength.

7:00 P.M: After every dinner socializing is important a human nature since ancient times where one take part in Trataka a yogic gazing and concentration or kirtan / bhajan includes chanting with music and playing some light instruments.

8:00 P.M: An early bed time retire for the day after an interesting and enjoyable moment of various Yoga postures and exercise.

This is our daily routine on basic and introductory classes and course for more days and weeks we provide other high level courses for interested guests and travelers.

Day Yoga Retreat tour  organize Yoga and Meditation classes during trekking as well with morning and evening time for enough practices with stunning views of Himalayan peaks along with amazing sunrise and sunsets to make your holiday a memorable and interesting with an awesome experience of lifetime with Himalayan Smiles.


A brief note and information of Yoga:

Yoga meaning Unity to be Oneness, derived from ancient Sanskrit word which means to join. The science of life, the integration of body, mind and soul!

What is Yoga?

A perfect union of the spirit to the divine, via tools left behind from rishis (hermits), ascetics and yogis of ages past.
The Eight Fold Path of Yoga (not to be confused with Buddha’s Eight Fold Path), from sage Patanjali s yoga sutra delves deeply into the morality of living and plunges into the human psyche.

Consists of Yama (self restraints), Niyama (self observances) Asana, Pranayama (breath techniques), Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (identification with pure consciousness).

Yoga conjures up with images and postures (Asanas) to develop flexibility, general body health and of course awareness.

This is just the beginning, while yoga’s central theme remains the highest goal of the spiritual path; yogic practices can provide direct and substantial benefits to everyone regardless of their spiritual aims.

An inter-relationship between yoga and meditation:
Part of Lord Buddha’s contribution to humanity was to focus on meditation to develop Samadhi (while focusing on a platform of ethics and morality). You can choose whether to focus wholly on yoga, or more specifically on meditation, or saturate yourself in both of these. For millennia, the Himalayas have played a key role in mankind s journey to self realization. Its total isolation from the rest of the world, its serene solitude has been an ideal environment for looking within. Nepal has inherited this unique past which is evident in its everyday life and culture when it comes to diving deep into your consciousness or floating in total awareness. It still does have individuals and institutions capable of guiding you to this noble path; to the cosmic universe which has an infinite beauty of its own.

Day Yoga Retreat tour has a various courses and classes where one can choose.
Himalayan Smiles in Kathmandu offers and hires many practitioners / Ayurvedic healers an expert yoga medicinal masters or Guru and provides primary source for the treatment of illness.

Please contact us for Ayurveda Section as there are many branches of yoga, such as : raja, hatha, jnana, karma, bhakti, mantra, kundalini and laya.

Note that you are not selecting a particular course at random.
Here are a few ideas in choosing the right path.

The teacher’s personal conduct as one who lives with daily yoga, on which area of yoga do you wish to learn and focus, ability to communicate smoothly with your teacher or Guru, opportunity for personalized instruction on requirement, intensive or live in courses if required as per your money value worth.

What is Meditation?
, one of the most ancient meditation techniques, long lost to humanity, it was rediscovered by Gautum Buddha more than 2,500 years ago.
Vipassana means ‘to see things as they really are’; it is the process of self purification by self observation. One starts by observing the natural breath to concentrate the mind.

With this sharpened awareness one proceeds to observe the changing nature of body and mind and experience the universal truths of impermanence, suffering and egolessness.

Day Yoga Retreat tour the entire path Dharma is a universal remedy for universal problems and has nothing to do with any organized religion or sectarianism.
For this reason, it can be practiced freely by all without conflict of caste, creed or religion, in any places and at any time and proves equally beneficial to one and all.

Vipassana, an art of living it frees the individual from all the negativities of mind, such as anger, greed and ignorance. It is a practice which develops positive, creative energy for the betterment of the individual and society.

Benefits and Attributes of Yoga:
Yoga for health and fitness practice provides both physical and mental therapy.
It considers ageing as largely an artificial condition, caused mainly by autointoxication or self-poisoning.

It keeps the body parts and organ clean and well- lubricated, cell deterioration can be greatly reduced. To get the maximum benefits of Yoga one has to follow three main guidelines i.e.

Practice of Asana:
With the regular practice of asanas, one can control our cholesterol level, reduce weight, normalize blood pressure and improve cardiac performance.
Asanas harmonize mental energy flow by clearing any blockages in the subtle body, leading to mental equilibrium and calmness.

The practice of Pranayamas, with correct breathing technique, helps to manipulate energies.
Most of the people breathe incorrectly (only theoretically not using abdomen, therby utilizing only half of our lung capacity).

Pranayama, a technique wherein it re-educates our breathing process, helps to release tension and develop a relaxed state of mind. It balances our nervous system, reduces the need for sleep and encourages creative thinking. Increasing oxygen to our brain, improves mental clarity, alertness and physical well being.

Yoga Nidra:

Yoga Nidra is a form of meditation, performed while lying on the back in the Shavasana pose. It relaxes the physiological and psychological systems.

This technique completely rejuvenates the body and mind, giving a sense of well being.

More about Yoga:
Yoga exercises are customized on the spot by veteran and professionals Guru combined with tasteful, informative, innovative approach to nutritional healing. This will be the first yoga holidays where you will experience weight loss while enjoying food and be rested at the same time!

For the experienced, you will enjoy this yoga tours even more as your practice will be enhanced; introducing new techniques during your stay with us.

The emphasis on our yoga tours is giving you unique insights into what each destination has to offer.

We perform varieties where average tourist won’t have the opportunity to experience, only with us as our guides and leaders have an in-depth knowledge of each vibrant location for Yoga and Meditation with alluring vista of mountains and amazing landscapes.

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