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How difficult is Everest Base Camp Trek
By Himalayan Smile | 31 Jan, 2024

While discussing Everest base camp trek difficulty we need to understand Everest trek in depth. The tools for difficulties measurement are based on several factors which distinguish its grade and also perception, feedback from the trekkers of different age group makes the precise assessment. Moreover, an additional factor that influences the difficulty is altitude, trail, amenity, reliability, climate, immunity and proper gear. These above-mentioned conditions are pivotal which makes your Everest trek difficult but if you do it wisely you can minimize.

What is the age limit for Everest base camp trek?

Fit Everest trekker

There is not any written age limit for Everest base camp trek but you should consider one thing that trekker should be strong enough to walk. The minimum age must be above 10 to do Everest base camp trek because you have to walk into the thin air above the rugged trail dealing with various climate and weather conditions. And for old age trekker you should have to be physically fit, an experienced hiker and free from breathing-related diseases like asthma.

What preparation should be done before coming for trekking?

Cardio Exercise preparing Everest trek

Here are a bunch of tasks you should do before coming for Everest trek while the most crucial one is being physically well. You should prepare yourself physically by doing several exercises like cardio, cycling, running, yoga, stretching. If you are planning trekking with a new shoe this is the right time to use that while walking and running otherwise it would create some blister and foot injury.

What kind of gears and outfits are required?

Genuine gear for Everest trek


It is very crucial to have genuine gear and outfit for Everest base camp trekking otherwise small error can cause severe consequence thus there must not be any compromise when it comes to gear selection. Trekking season is meant to be stable climate-wise but sometimes it can be severe thus you need to well prepared. You need to bring a sturdy bag, multi-pair long sleeve t-shirt- trouser, ultra-warm down jacket, windproof jacket, genuine raincoat, gaiter, gloves, woolen cap, sun hat, sunglass, multi-pair of socks, sandal, sneaker, ultra-warm sleeping bag, torch, headlamp.

What kind of medication and toiletries are needed?

Medication for Everest trek

Before coming for Everest base camp trek another thing you don’t have to miss is medication and toiletries. You must equip with complete first aid kit along with with some essential medicine necessary for altitude sickness, food poisoning, diarrhea, muscular pain. And yes don’t forget to bring pulse oximeter which is really crucial. Beside medication, another thing you must not miss is toiletries during Everest trek you can’t get any of them at teahouse because they are simple as they sound. The list of toiletries you should not forget is Soap, Shampoo, Shower gel, shaving kit, hand sanitizer, Sun cream, face wash, and the most important is tissue and toilet paper.

What kind of food and snacks did we need to bring?

Energetic snacks for Everest trek

It is very important to have a sufficient amount of snacks and lightweight food. The tea house serves a variety of food although you need to have energetic snacks which you can eat while trekking, at teahouse any time. Energetic snacks play a vital role when you lose appetite and couldn’t finish your meal prepared by your teahouse. You need to bring chocolate, candy, dry fruit mix, jerky along with your favorite snack and of course, don’t forget to bring your vitamin, mineral, protein, etc.


Here let’s discuss the factor mentioned at the beginning which plays a pivotal role during Everest base camp trek. These points are prone to inconvenience and difficulty that could persist during your journey.

Trail:  Trail in the Everest base camp trek region is improving consistently although it is the combination of several dimensions like uphill, downhill, flat, rugged trail, moraine walk, glacier walk, granite spread trail.

Altitude: Another factor that pours difficulty to Everest base camp trek is altitude. You go to walk over 2800m to 5550m whereas you’re trekking above 4000m most of the time.

Amenities: The tea house in the Everest region is cozy, comfy, clean and nice but simple. You can’t expect the amenities as you have at your home. They burn a fire in the dining every evening but it doesn’t warm your room thus you have to rely on your sleeping bag and blanket provided. Restroom are shared which are mostly located indoor nearby your room. Lower elevation has water generated electricity and higher elevation rely on solar energy however you can’t use high electricity consuming device.

Climate:  The climate is supposed to be stable during season time (Mar/Apr/May/Sep/Oct/Nov) but sometimes it can be changed. Unfavorable climate conditions can severely ruin your day so be well prepared.

Proper gear: Genuine gear plays a vital role behind every successful expedition hence you should never compromise on gear. Poor gear easily can ruin your journey so always keep in mind for using absolute gear.

Immunity: The journey to Everest base camp by trekking requires a healthy body which is backed up by good immunity. Thus you should build vibrant immune for Everest base camp trek journey because you might have to deal with various health conditions.

After this brief discussion, we can assert it is not very difficult to do Everest base camp trekking if you consider something. If you are interested in doing Everest base camp trek and feeling doubtful because of difficulty forget that wake-up start now you can do it.

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